Writing a college course proposal

Writing a college course proposal

And often, educational program managers and conference planners are looking for new and interesting courses and workshops to add to their roster. Want me to review the proposal and suggest improvements? A brief third paragraph showing how the course fits into and advances existent initiatives and foci of the department. Draft the following sections for new courses: Justification for the course: Provide a clear and compelling rationale for any proposed new course. If you expect students to move around and interact best practice then allow for enough space for this kind of movement. The option of producing a less conventional essay is meant to foster creativity and a different way of thinking and communicating that is less linear but no less thoughtful and analytical. Course Outline A course outline breaks down what will be covered in each session. Library Media Services Support. Your job is to do the new. What learning outcomes are achieved by this component?

These must be turned in every week at the tutorials as they are meant to facilitate discussion. This is a first year course designed to present contemporary environmental issues in historical perspective.

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Mark component: Essays 2 x It is critical that this course proposal speak directly and specifically to the mission of the postdoc, and how the course advances it. What makes this course or workshop unique over other similar courses or workshops?

How will the proposed change or changes improve your program and enhance the educational outcomes you seek to accomplish?

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Your Name and Contact Information As the proposal may be sent in by mail, email or dropped off, it is important to include how to contact you after the educational program manager has had a chance to review your proposal.

They already have old faculty doing old stuff. Schools generally have a formal process for proposing courses that must be strictly followed. The tutorial readings expose students to the major themes and arguments in the environmental literature while the reading responses allow students to hone their analytical and writing skills; i.

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It should be tailored to the job. Provide an explicit statement of Assessment Strategies linked to learning objectives with a mark breakdown. Whichever payment arrangement you would like to propose, make sure that the math makes sense. The justification should state explicitly and clearly how the changes relate to the college and department plans. To subscribe to this blog or ask Joni a question, click here. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their participation in the weekly tutorial groups; their weekly reading responses; a midterm essay; an end-of-term project; and a final examination. How will they benefit from taking the course or workshop? Need help to create your course proposal?

Room Set-up Requirements If you require the training room set up to allow for specific activities, provide details in this section. Does the proposed change presuppose the purchase of new equipment or software, whether for support or instruction?

Key Question: What do you want student to know or be able to do at the end of this course? Describe methods for measuring inputs and outputs.

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It is my view that a course proposal is best one page in length.

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How to Write a College Course Proposal