Write an article for publication in a national newspaper on the topic

I will not share your details with anyone else. By using local contacts, you can produce something unique that no one else might have thought of or be able to write.

How to write article for newspaper examples

Scientific paper — an article published in a scientific journal. How much accomplishments can you expect of any educational system that is not run by the education professionals or people with visions of manpower needs of the country? The word relevant as used by Dogle is the matter of cultivating individual interest and potentialities while autonomy stands for a person who is able to judge, act and think accurately as well as rationally. Westwood B, Westwood G: Assessment of newspaper reporting of public health and the medical model: a methodological case study. Thereafter, you may mail to us for marking if need be. Development on the other hand, is a progressive unfolding of the potentialities of a given reality. Keep your writing unbiased and objective. You can describe what happened and allow an interviewee to talk and give their perspective, but your own thoughts are not needed. The editor loved the local angle and the article went straight in the next edition. Therefore, the single most significant complex of social — control tools for national development is found in the educational system be it formal or informal. If the gig is local and you write well, a local paper is likely to use your work. ESSAY 3. Spoken article — an article produced in the form of an audio recording , also referred to as a podcast. Remaining unbiased results in a higher success rate.

Include names, dates and contact information or address. This is a nice one from Uwadia. No one cares what you think. Check facts before concluding Read over the article and where necessary provide support for all claims.

sample of article for publication in a national newspaper

However, the experience I gained from doing this has proved invaluable. According to history, our leaders then foolishly allowed the British gained access to us by way of helping to resolve a chieftaincy dispute in Lagos.

Avoid passive construction as it may leave readers bewildered with incomplete reporting. The higher education sector is in desperate need of repair especially in the area of visionary leadership, adequate funding and other resources, well equipped libraries and other tools for learning, safe and secure environment conducive for normal educational process to take place, partnership with other higher institutions home and abroad, etc.

Emphasize these aspects in the lead of your article. It is meant to hook the reader into the article. In this age of information and communication technology, our educational system at all levels should not be found wanting.

Hence in the pre-colonial era when Nigeria communities were small and largely rural and self-sufficient the system of education was with a few exceptions, not specialized. All comments will be reviewed so won't appear on the page instantly.

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How to Write a Newspaper Article (with Pictures)