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The simile - like the necks of light bulbs - helps the reader picture exactly what the girl is seeing in the National Geographic. Her aunt's familiar voice becomes her own, unthinking family voice. It approaches; it sniffs at the bus's hot hood. This is the time of the tragic man that lies in the house of Bedlam. Its cold, round crystals form and slide and settle in the white hens' feathers, in gray glazed cabbages, on the cabbage roses and lupins like apostles; the sweet peas cling to their wet white string on the whitewashed fences; bumblebees creep inside the foxgloves, and evening commences. One stop at Bass River. Most children of that age are not expected to feel so deeply about something that they would faint or black out like this. The poet uses commas, dashes and end stops periods, full stops to regulate the reader's pace, so there are pauses to reflect the girl's hesitation as she sits digesting the pictures. She describes volcanoes, cannibalistic explorers, and babies wound in string. The five fishhouses have steeply peaked roofs and narrow, cleated gangplanks slant up to storerooms in the gables for the wheelbarrows to be pushed up and down on. Some long sighs. With this she continues on to say that the sound came first from inside, then from her Aunt, and then thinks that it may have actually been her, returning to the idea of it coming from inside. Fourth Stanza lines It's as if all the emotion and feelings of the previous three stanzas flood through the girl's being in the shape of black waves, dark forces that are in danger of swamping the reality of the here and now.

In the creakings and noises, an old conversation --not concerning us, but recognizable, somewhere, back in the bus: Grandparents' voices uninterruptedly talking, in Eternity: names being mentioned, things cleared up finally; what he said, what she said, who got pensioned; deaths, deaths and sicknesses; the year he remarried; the year something happened.

Cold dark deep and absolutely clear, element bearable to no mortal, to fish and to seals. I scarcely dared to look to see what it was I was.

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She's only six but she's able to read what is an adult magazine. And then I looked at the cover: the yellow margins, the date. As we saw in The Filling Station, an ordinary place makes Bishop come to a realisation about life.

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This is a simple enough start for the reader, we're even told the name of the town and the state as if the speaker wants to nail exactly where it is the event took place. When we hear a person describing a fish it is usually pretty simple: small, big, long, had large teeth, heavy etc These are the years and the walls of the ward, the winds and clouds of the sea of board sailed by the sailor wearing the watch that tells the time of the cranky man that lies in the house of Bedlam.

He was interested in music; like me a believer in total immersion, so I used to sing him Baptist hymns. First an erupting volcano, then an eccentric couple, then a dead man who might be a meal for cannibals, and pointy headed babies, black naked women with saggy breasts and strange long necks - the images pile up and overwhelm the innocent girl.

A pale flickering. When we are young the venture is intimidating and seems to never get any easier throughout its course.

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He took to drink.

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