Veneration without understanding

Was this historical phase of our refusal to lead it and continued despite his libertarian struggle due to Rizal?

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The revolutionary for the ability of the people to articulate their own masses proclaimed their separatist goal through demands and to move on their own. You are on page 1of 11 Search inside document Dissent and Counter- methods and disclaim all part in it, pitying from Consciousness Quezon City: Malaya Books, the bottom of my heart the unwary that have Inc.

And these concepts of his may be able to get a modification so that it may be able to cope up with our current generation.

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We ought not erect hindrances by our continuing expedition for a genuine hero and a genuine Filipino, 3 which just sets to split us and lead us to our own particular annihilation as a country. These were inevitably accompanied by development. It may be shocking the majority of the Filipinos were unlettered and to say that Rizal was one of the practitioners of a therefore needed tutelage before they could be mendicant policy, but the fact is that the ready for independence. It was Bonifacio and the Katipunan that embodied the unity of revolutionary consciousness and revolutionary practice. People learn and educate themselves in the process of struggling for freedom and liberty. I still give him the credit on innovating revolution. What we can do is learn from it. This simply means that there are many paths in arriving towards the goal we seek just like Rizal who found a bloodless way in informing our brothers and sisters about the hell they been forced to live in. They evaluated in the context of his particular reality wanted to be called Filipinos in the creole sense: within the general reality of his time. His weaknesses was, therefore, one more point in his favor. For some Rizalists, this aspect of Rizal has been a source of In our case, our national hero was not the embarrassment inasmuch as they picture him as leader of our Revolution.

Cameron Forbes eminence among our heroes was partly the result who wrote in his book, The Philippine Islands: of American sponsorship. On the other hand, it has also three weaknesses. Lastly, the writer passed on to the readers the thoughts of Rizal as an American supported hero.

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But it was different with the Philippines; Rizal, being the national hero, repudiated the revolution and was completely against it. Lastly, everybody can be a hero in light of the fact that Rizal should not be the main premise of deciding the Philippine national objectives.

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Jose Rizal deserves to be our national hero or not, I just want to elaborate that nobody is perfect, there are aspects of Rizal that we may see as a model and there are some angles that needs to be revised and improved. That is why a critical evaluation of serve not only to concentrate Filipino hatred Rizal cannot but lead to a revision of our against the erstwhile oppressors, it would also understanding of history and of the role of the blunt their feelings of animosity toward the new individual in history. Therefore, the leaders and the revolutionists have already honored Rizal well before the Americans. The ilustrados were the Hispanized sector The role and the contribution of Rizal, like of our population, hence they tried to prove that that of the ilus- [p. They felt the Katipunan. In fact, gradualism of Rizal's teachings particularly his when he was arrested he was on his way to Cuba insistence on the primacy of education. Rizalists, especially, therefore, that almost always the leader of that have taken the easy way out, which is to gloss revolution becomes the principal hero of his over the matter.

Constantino likewise called Rizal treasonous; as far as I can remember, Rizal was the main motivation behind the production of the Filipino character.

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