Truearth pizza versus pasta case study

why truearth did not make their frozen pizza product successful

Factor 2: Ready meals market is mature and organic food is experiencing slower but steady growth. The industry of healthy foods is going to continue to grow and become an even bigger competitive market as it is right now.

As pointed out in the case, pizza is essentially an indulgence food. This would also make it easier to increase customer penetration and brand awareness for the pasta line.

truearth healthy foods case excel solution

TruEarth used only high quality ingredients, and hence was susceptible to some extent to suppliers bargaining power. The company only uses high-quality durum wheat and mostly organic ingredients. The concept of the new pizza line would be a pizza with a whole grain curst and high quality toppings that is fresher than frozen pizza, healthier than take-out, and easily customizable.

For any chance of success TruEarth needs to have a product in this market as soon as possible.

Truearth pizza versus pasta case study

To decide which combination of toppings for the mixed packet, TruEarth might need to conduct survey and research on sample market. How does the new product concept compare with existing alternatives? Frozen pizza avoiders a. Loyal consumers are most likely not going to steer away from the product, however a robust economy could expand market potential among those aiming for a healthier diet. As competitors started offering similar pastas TruEarth felt the need to innovate so that they can benefit from a competitive edge. Each purchase would involve 1. The entry barrier was low. It is a quick and easy meal but at the same time allows the cooker to add its own touch.

In lateTruEarth took advantage of growing demand for quick home meal requirements, refrigerated fresh pasta, and whole grain food options that did not sacrifice taste to become the first company to develop a fresh whole grain pasta line called Cucina Fresca.

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