The similarities of david garricks and samuel johnsons life story and success

The Drury Lane prologue has long remained one of Johnson's best-known poems. But by the time it appeared, lack of money had forced Johnson to leave Oxford and return once more to Lichfield. If Johnson's additions to Juvenal in the rural depictions are significant, his omissions in portraying the wretched life of the urban poor are even more telling.

David Hume related to me from Mr. Johnson spent the rest of his time studying, even over the Christmas vacation.

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Yet it proved an important year. London was published on 13 May Yet his biographer James Boswell noted correctly that Johnson's "mind was so full of imagery, that he might have been perpetually a poet.

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He is not particularly interested in the sins of the flesh. London does not finally bring out all of Johnson's powers, because the satire is weakened in places by the false stances into which he is forced by convention and political themes. Samuel Johnson was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, on 18 September

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Samuel Johnson: Who was he, and why is he so important to the English language?