The principles of assessment in learning and development essay

It describes the process of cognitive development according to theorist Jean Piaget.

Key concepts and principles of assessment

Working with the learner to agree an assessment action plan. The assessor has a responsibility to help with any such appeal and that any supporting evidence to the complaint should be submitted at the same time. They are responsible for devising an action plan with the learner and reviewing this plan regularly and ensuring smart targets are set. Stay focused on compliance with best assessment practice. Where someone is actively involved in a learning process their learning progress is quicker than just watching what is happening around them. Feedback should avoid negativity and be specific of its requirements to maintain a clear path of learning to follow. Setting dates and times Another key area to be aware is that of equality and diversity to enable all learners to be able to take part in the assessment by means of different methods, for various reasons where reasonable adjustment can be made for personal or medical issues. Understand the principles and requirements of assessment 1. The specific and timely feedback by the assessor helps the learner to demonstrate their understanding and development of skills also helping the learner to prove their competence.

It is illegal to discriminate on any of the nine protected characteristics within the act these are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Include how you identify individual learner needs, how you record achievements and set targets, how you monitor and review your learner development, how you complete formative and summative assessments, how you contribute to quality assurance and What are the anticipated outcomes of assessment?

During the initial assessment the assessor must ensure the learner knowledge performance and practical skills. Also ensuring that the assessment allows the required time to complete the assessment and allow time that the necessary feedback is given.

By sharing assessments with other assessors prejudicial decisions can be avoided and maintain a fair assessing structure during the learning process.

The principles of assessment in learning and development essay

The learner needs guidance to understand what it is they have to learn, if they are on track and how they may improve. Feedback to and from learners.

Functions of assessment

Sometimes in these cases it is useful to assess the same information through speaking directly to the learner to gauge what they know of a subject. They must ensure that evidence provided by the learner is sufficient to meet the requirements. Where a rigid system is used to maintain standards expectations become plain and transparent for assessor and learner like making quality assurance so much more important. Assessment is a global term and can incorporate oral, written, observational Unlike the course work we were required to do at school which when marked showed the standard we had achieved. Assessment learning breaks down the required knowledge into bite size pieces which are topic specific, when completed and assessed each piece must contain all the required criteria to evidence the learners understanding. Learning and development are both connected. Observation can be a very strong way of assessment, actually seeing the learner perform a required task, one downside to this could be the learner suffering from nerves at the thought of being observed. Where possible all issues mentioned should be taken into account to ensure that no one feels penalised during their learning process. The roles of Teachers and learning support practitioners are similar in that they are both continuingly monitoring the progress and achievements of the learner. Other responsibilities of the assessor are; to carry out assessments in accordance with specifications and documentation.

It helps them to reflect on their progress so far and plan ahead for future assessments. The assessor and the candidate must then decide on an assessment plan.

One of the key principles of assessment is Reliability. To also keep myself up to date with the tasks to be assessed in regard to regulation and industry requirement. In this unit learners will examine these key areas and appreciate how an effective Cyp 3.

what is assessment

By making reasonable and relevant adjustment to learners needs in order for them to show their skill and knowledge.

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Function of Assessment in Learning and Development Essay