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He freed his son and took his family to his sister-in-laws house and went to fight for the Patriot army, now enraged and bitter because of what happened to his family.

So interpretations, exaggerations and idealistic scenes are added to the movie to make it more interesting for the audience.

While, according to lawmakers, the Patriot Act is aimed at ending terrorism, it is arguable that the Patriot Act is aimed at beginning a Big Brother-type society Related Papers.

Besides that Benjamin Martin seems to be a rules adult male in the film but in world he killed Indians merely for merriment and was known for knaping his slaves. This act expanded the surveillance powers of domestic law enforcement and international intelligence agencies Almost immediately the legislature began drafting an act that would make the war on terror and the fight for homeland security a little easier to fight, this would come.

The movie used the Betsy Ross flag, and this may have been inaccurate. Eyes were glued to television screens waiting for the latest update.

One flag fell ignominiously to the ground a sign to the viewer that things are not going well for the British! When they are about 50 paces away they would hold marched rapidly and decelerate sufficiency to stay a line.

This film besides gives audiences at least small spot of experiencing about American Revolution war.

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When his son asks for an explanation, Benjamin Martin finally uncovers this mystery: "The French and Cherokee had raided along the Blue Ridge.

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Movie The Patriot Summary Essay Example