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In the third theme Staying Gold it refers to the Robert Frost poem, and the only reason Ponyboy remebered it is because he never got what Frost meant by it Daly The Outsiders is a book that changed the style of young adult writers because it went off from the genre that young adult writer were using during that time period I will tell compare and contrast the book and the movie.

When there are two different types of people who live life totally different, there are bound to be problems within the society.

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Senior officers create memories of their experiences after a few years of duty that leaves a psychological scar that stick with them forever. A person not belonging to a particular group, set, party, etc. This group of hoods are born into rich families from the west side of town, are of a high "social" class, drive around in Mustangs and Corvairs, and mostly wear checkered jackets with a madras on them Hinton, Family] Strong Essays The Book ' The Outsiders ' - Both of these books are centered around three young boys going through many trials and tribulations throughout their young adult life. Or does one social group struggle more. But whatever you do, keep that fear under wraps. He struggles with the many conflicts between the lower class and the upper class youths. A gang of poor, abused teenagers learn to cherish each other and life by getting through challenges not every teenager goes through. This story has a lot of issues that are going to be talked about in this paper such as the realism, the conflicts, the characters, Hintons style, the themes, etc. These books are realistic, because gang rivalry is still going on today. It is believed there was nothing until a group called the Ancestors came about and formed the world the way it is. Chambliss which was first published in

Do you tell your reader what they should learn or do after they read your paper? Of course there are the basics like food, water, and oxygen; but when you take a more in depth look at what people want, it should be very clear that every human has the desire to feel accepted for who they are.

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Darry also fights for what he believes is right. The harbors of New England supported shipping and fishing industries, and abundant timber and ore supplies inspired the Puritans of North America to pursue a colonial version of the English iron industry.

The Outsiders focuses on the life of Ponyboy Curtis who has two brothers, Darry and Sodapop, which belong to a group of young people that were called greasers.

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Fighting is part of life, when we believe in something and care about people. The story follows the lives of two rival gangs. Hinton There are 3 groups: true, working, and uncertain Daly Their differences stretch amongst a wide variety, but along with those differences comes their similarities Words have different meanings in neighborhoods. Hinton The Outsiders by S. It will state the Big Idea and your three supporting ideas.

Not only did he fight to protect his friends, but he fought to protect strangers. If needed, does the introduction paragraph include other important information, including the definition of relevant literary terms or stereotypes of groups?

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