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Author: Brandon Johnson. However, it suffered from overcrowding, a large lower class, and little health regulations. Johnson's unputdownable tale was the man whom we were brought up to revere as the father of public sanitation, Edwin Chadwick see picture.

The two authors discuss comparisons that are so off the wall, that you almost question reading the book; however, that is the reason many read the book in the first place. He concludes an accurate and engaging story of this outbreak in the history of epidemiology.

Johnson cites the continued unavailability of clean water in many parts of the world as the single-most serious—and perhaps the most reprehensible—issue facing the world today.

The book describes the history of one man, Dr.

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The story focuses on the cholera disease and the origin of where the disease might have began. The One Minute Manager is more of a Zen-master than an office manager, dishing out seemingly cryptic management maxim after another. The Borgias. Snow will attempt to gain recognition for his theory of cholera spread through simplicity. His mistake was not to inject enough salty water, and his lone initiative was soon overwhelmed by the brainless babble of the quacks. In the book, Snow does not try to say that the water is impure, but instead claims that it has been contaminated by waste from a nearby sewer or cesspool. Yet "The Ghost Map" is a far more ambitious and compelling work. The poor and their more unscrupulous landlords left the sewage to overflow into the cellars -- and ultimately to leak into the Broad Street well. With the austere teetotaller and vegetarian Dr. During this time, London became popular, causing it to become one of the most populous urban cities in England. The mega-city is in fact something like a natural organism, which begins to fail when one link in the chain breaks. At the core is a medical mystery, or what today would be called an epidemiological detective story…A masterpiece of historical writing. Thousands of Londoners died while doctors and public-health officials stubbornly clung to the view that the plague was an airborne miasma that hung in the foul atmosphere of the slums and was inhaled by the wretched creatures who lived there. Snow had been able to identify a pattern, he set his sights on finding evidence that would prevent miasmatists from discrediting his work.

Snow had the precious gift of consilience -- "jumping together" the term was invented by the Victorian historian of science William Whewell and revived by the biologist E.

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