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Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 25 2 , — Small Group Research, 44 4 , — Google Scholar Bartleet, B. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 54 2 , — Google Scholar Menamin, R. There is a lack of research on the role of service learning in higher education sector. Building social capital with interprofessional student teams in rural settings: A service-learning model: Rural interprofessional learning outcomes. Google Scholar Cecil, A. Other studies have shown that feedback on progress has improved learning and has reduced failure rates Bellotti et al. The Internet and Higher Education, 13 3 , — Reflective Practice, 16 1 , 61—

As such, the idea that game-based learning only involves playing makes is a limited one; learning should not be a dull experience, but a motivating and pleasant one Wu, Goehle created an electronic application that included several game-based elements, whose purpose was to assist home teaching.

Google Scholar Hart, S. Impact of support from social network on entrepreneurial intention of fresh business graduates: A structural equation modeling approach.

Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 14 4— Google Scholar Gerholz, K.

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Nielsen, D. Interprofessional service-learning in a community setting: Findings from a pilot study. Hamari and Koivisto concluded that gamification involves an aspect of novelty that tends to wear off over time. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 46 2— Understanding the effects of short-term international service—learning trips on medical students.

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Journal of Interprofessional Care, 31 2 , — Google Scholar Maddrell, J. It is vital that teachers motivate their students, making them aware of the fact that what seems difficult is not always necessarily so. Service learning in radiology education. According to Klopfer, Osterweil and Salen , all educational games should rely on certain mechanics and dynamics. Service-learning in the computer and information sciences: Practical applications in engineering education. Google Scholar Gerholz, K.

Notes Acknowledgements Authors wish to thank all the anonymous reviewers for their insightful, thoughtful and constructive comments on the earlier drafts of this manuscript.

Going global: Re-framing service-learning in an interconnected world.

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Gamification in Management Education: A Systematic Literature Review