Spanish gangster essay

These gangs will claim full control over a region in a community, town, or specific area which will lead to the involvement of violent crimes and unlawful behavior as a group or even by oneself.

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The study will attempt to address why our local increase in gang violence has reached monumental heights causing an increase in gang members appearing your court. They try to identify themselves with one culture or the other, the food, the customs, traditions and many other things.

One thing that came to my mind while I was talking to my husband was pirates. Many inmates join gangs for safety and protection during their incarceration.

Spanish gangster essay

The Chicano community were treated unfairly and didn 't get the education that they needed. This kind of antisocial behavior is a major problem in American Society. They try to identify themselves with one culture or the other, the food, the customs, traditions and many other things. Gangs are being fueled by the fear they have given the citizens, therefore most people are too afraid to do anything about the problem. Research has shown that prison gangs have effects on non-gang members and the prison system. The issues that were highlighted in the movement were; restoration of land grant rights, fair treatment of farm workers, educational access and dismantling racial discrimination for Chicano youth, and pushing for voting rights. All throughout the city of Chicago, the suburbs, throughout the state, throughout the nation. Therefore, violence in Chicago 's neighborhoods and communities cannot be overlooked. Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves. I am not American.

People usually join gangs from around the age of 8 to the age Everyday an other report on the evening news relays the tragedy of a child accidently caught in gang crossfire. Gang violence is a problem that will contribute to the collapse of Philadelphia, and it has yet to be solved throughout many generations.

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Instead of just reading, one can look at video documentaries or web sites to acquire information they need or want. Is it the need to belong? Gang violence accounts for one of the largest personal threats to public safety for nearly all the cities in this state. On the other hand, speaking of her Spanish Chicano culture that specific edict expectations are placed on her childhood and throughout her upbringing. Although it is more active in some parts of the country than others, gang violence affects every American: either monetarily as a taxpayer or directly as a victim. It will also depict the effects it has on societies, and individuals. Just in Fresno alone there are over twelve thousand gang members and over gangs Overend.

Generally, gangs consist of young people of the same ethnic, racial, and economic background. Inhe became an associate professor in both the Chicano studies and English departments at University of California, Berkeley, where he has been a senior lecturer since Chicano is used only of Mexican Americans, not of Mexicans living in Mexico.

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These are some of the few disturbing statistics about gang violence in Chicago; however, as many people do not know, gangs have not always been about drugs and violence. How are Chicanos portrayed in the film? Gang violence in youths is a prominent problem around numerous portions of the world today.

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