Skin care market in uae

For example, home-grown brand Shiffa Beauty, launched by Dubai-based Dr Lamees Hamdan, blends herbs and is a top-seller of clean beauty products at Sephora.

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Organic cosmetic products are likely to witness significant market penetration over the forecast period. Organic products are derived from natural resources and are absolutely free from any harmful chemicals. If you see me out and about on assignment in Dubai, feel free to stop me, say hello, and we can chat about the latest kitten videos on YouTube.

India, Oman and Morocco would be the main suppliers here for most of locally popular products. What are the major brands in United Arab Emirates? Why buy this report? Furthermore, stringent regulations promoting the use of organic ingredients in skincare industry are likely to propel the demand for organic personal products. At Medica Group, we are witnessing more and more women who want to change their appearances, from the shapes of their noses, to their eyelids, faces, and necks. Companies are expanding their services in Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa to cater to the growing needs of the emerging economies. This is due to organic products promoted as being inherently better in comparison to conventional synthetic products.

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E-commerce channels give consumers the opportunity to gain access to products that would otherwise not be available in their local stores and malls, which has made them especially popular in emerging markets.

Both local and international brand manufacturers recognised the changing needs and lifestyle habits of Medical specialists say proper skincare is not gender-specific and that everyone should invest in a proper routine, especially in the harsh climate of the UAE.

Uae skincare market

Key Findings Among all five Skincare categories analyzed, the Organic cosmetic products are likely to witness significant market penetration over the forecast period. Customers prefer more expensive organic products, especially in countries such as U. That leads us to the fist key trend that emerged in the region; the rise in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. In , the skin care segment led the global market. Many international beauty hubs such as France, Spain, and Italy, have taken note of this trend and have designed product lines that will appeal to beauty and skincare enthusiasts in the region. It was then that I decided to enrol with Formula Botanica to learn more about organic skincare formulation. I believe this is helpful for many women to make sure the skin product they use is the consistency they want, does not have irritating smell or allergic ingredient. I mainly cover and write articles on the UAE's retail, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors. Make-Up Remover Market Many experts say the upswing in the UAE's cosmetics and skincare segment is fuelled by the lifestyle that it is associated with. It examines the components of change in the market for the historic and forecast years by volumes and values, as well as the manner in which
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The Gulf’s beauty industry seeks a new look