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Activity design is anther challenge for us.

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Importantly, it also helps students to identify how the group might function more effectively next time. The following 2 stages storming and norming stage were achieved by the second or third class day.

For our questionnaire we decided to use the simple tool known as surveymonkey ; an online website that takes you step by step through the creation of your own questionnaire.

Research in Organizational Behavior, 7: 1— Piscataway, NJ: Transaction Publishers. The reason why I have identified myself as an Implementer is based firstly on the fact that I took on the responsibility for carrying out the task of researching the use of social networks in our campaign and I enjoyed executing this plan, which we had agreed amongst the group as a whole, in a systematic fashion.

This is the stage that involves the termination of the group.

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Whereas the group with conflicts tend to have more success rate because of the difference in thinking, creativity, problem solving ability, etc. Perhaps it is best to prioritize tasks and work on managing those that are direct causes of your stress. As Moon asserts, the importance of experiential learning is that it entails organising and developing learning through reflection on practical situations, such that they can lead to improved action. During the project I found the value of group workcollaborative work could multiple the effectiveness of the project. Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, 1 1 , We chose Skype, In-person meeting, WhatsApp and email as our communicating media. The explanation of each term in the test is as followed things describes in result : High task behavior scores Table A tend to mean that the leader engages in more top-down communication by explaining what the follower is required to do, as well as when, where, and how each function is to be accomplished. Reflection Paper Siyuan Wu How did it developed during history? Pratik was the only person left with his part and everyone got disappointed with him. A week and half before the project deadline, the group was under the impression that one of our members had not completed a specific task in the allotted time agreed upon during a group conversation carried out on our online group chat It also has an efficiency rating at the end to tell you how many people would respond to your survey and how long it would take them to complete it. All of these tasks were challenging but beneficial for me. PDF Version of Marketing Research: An Applied Approach The hard part was finding relevant and credible resources to help write our discussion guide and our questionnaire. I believe that this was because I had become accustomed through the week to working in a small group of only four people, and suddenly becoming part of a much larger group threw my habitual role in the group into uncertainty.

Alter C An exploratory study of conflict and coordination in interorganizational service delivery systems. They are the fundamental aspects of group, written or discussed, which provide motivation and helps to organize the social interaction.

Learning journals Students keep a learning journal to track the development of their group skills.

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To establish the process and make matters smoother, as mentioned above our group cohesion primary method was through the class time and application Whatsapp. If conflict nit handled effectively it can also lead to stress and tension. I found that I did participate, but perhaps not to the extent that I would have liked. In an effective group leadership is clear, but changing as the group evolves, not one person knows everything. However, during the learning community project, I came to realize that I learn more effectively when I work in groups A room will be arranged. Peer review Encouraging students to give each other regular constructive feedback in group meetings helps them practise integrating reflective practices. Ethical concerns The main ethical concern that I had when embarking on this group work exercise was to ensure that each member of the group, including myself, would be treated with respect and in a polite manner. But in fact, when we look through it in social context, we have to investigate its history—how does it come from? The results made me more confident and gave me a boost.

In this scenario, I would neither have felt anxious about making a mistake nor experienced the self-censorship that came as a consequence of this anxiety.

Every assignment or tests was given a point value and then based on the amount of points, a grade was given. Luckily the language barrier was not of a big issue, but the excused absence of one our athlete members led many of us to believe to expect nothing from the both of them.

My experience of the group work has made this developmentally valuable reflection possible.

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(DOC) Individual Reflection on Group Consulting Experience