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Word is powerful but complex, though you could get a nice student discount. Ulysses has support to organize your files into groups with separate sheets.

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This version is no longer available. This is important: not to ponder of what you would ideally like to have because such an ideal thing may not exist in principle , but rather to get insights into how you actually work. Though you want to do the bulk of your research on your Mac, your phone can come in handy to capture random ideas. Zotero lets you co-write a paper with a colleague, distribute course materials to students, or build a collaborative bibliography. There are other notebook apps, but none of them keep your work in sync between your Mac and iOS devices as easily. This version streamlines the user experience and the features available from the Mac application. Consequently researchers like myself have been in a difficult situation left with incomplete and buggy software. If you are back in school, then you have likely settled in and are starting to get your first big papers this year. Resources can be PDF, images, text. What's wrong with you, mate?

It has support for huge mindmaps that allow you to get as detailed as possible. None of this guarantees that you get an A, but you are in the best position possible. This version is no longer available.

Use tags, labels, ratings, smart collections and watch folders to keep you organized down the road. You can also export documents as archives, that anybody can read back in Findings.

See whether CircusPonies Notebook works for you — it uses another mentality.

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The Best Mac Apps for Planning and Writing Your Next Research Paper