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Rebecca returns to Dr. The film cuts to her mother, Gloria, living in Los Angeles she left Guatemala when Esmerelda was just one year old. For many, the journey ends badly, if not tragically. These dance groups are meant to keep the youths and children occupied and distracted from all the problems that have been going on in their community, such as the LA riot.

When Juan Carlos, a year-old Guatemalan, says he left a letter for his mother Esmerelda, explaining his decision to leave for the States, she earnestly expresses her surprise.

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He was one of an estimated tens of thousands of Latin American children who annually try to cross illegally into the United States, many by riding the tops of railroad freight cars, most in search of work or missing parents.

Josef began retelling his experiences and emotions of the time, he had escaped from his camp by luck, and joined two partisan groups and while exploring different areas amongst a mass grave they find a young woman, Gemma.

It's understandable when adults are attempting to risk their life in search of a better life but when minors take exactly the identical attempt and risk their lifetime what are we supposed to do as parents or family?

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