Pricing strategies for perodua

Perodua, being a national car, has tried its very best to adhere to the request made by the government. In your analysis, you are required to analyze how the company conducted its market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies in the industry and marketing mix strategies.

The reason behind this is that PROTON makes full use of its own procedures and processes to identify potential suppliers.

PROTON needs to extensively incorporate this current practice into any means of communication with suppliers for example through a monthly briefing. By releasing a product with a high price, the manufacturer Perodua, Myvi sends a message to prestige-conscious consumers, ensuring that they will flock to buy their product.

According to the PVA PROTON Suppliers Association President, PROTON provides continuous assistance to its newly created suppliers in all areas, right from sourcing, production, quality audit, maintenance, engineering work and personnel, to securing long-term markets and offshore market penetration, and giving advance information to suppliers on long range product plans.

promotion strategy of perodua

In more detail, the duty of the QC division is to evaluate and ensure their continued capability to produce good quality parts. Thus, supplier evaluation can help identify where supplier development activities should be concentrated Hahn et al.

So this means Perodua add value to customers by boosting their prestige and giving them a compact car that fits their reputation. Can save the time and cost needed to find a new supplier 6. But the challenges in bringing down the price are much too many.

Pricing strategies for perodua

The current logistics arrangement has both positive and negative implications. The potential parts for local production are selected from the list parts imported from Japan. This feasibility study evaluation of suppliers covers eight aspects: a Parts sourcing-to know the source of raw materials and work-in-progress WIP parts to produce a certain parts for example, in-house-production, outsourced from others and imported parts. For example, parts were approved for localization in the Annual Management Plan for Such collaboration is necessary nowadays because the cost of developing an all-new model is incredibly expensive and being able to share the cost makes it possible to price the product more competitively. There are many criteria and needs to cater to each consumer as their main objectives for status, comfort and price sensitivity or safety purpose. However, Perodua usually engaged the consumers with their customers franchise building promotions such as premiums. But it has not been very successful yet as its product lacks of technologies and the quality of products produced not as good as its competitors. The main push is towards environmentally conscientious consumers and value conscientious consumers. The Proton plant was designed to produce 80, units a year and could be geared up to , units. From the concept of advertisement layout, the contingency we will find that Perodua is putting significant emphasizes on its car Unique Selling Proposition USP.

With both the low price and a dash of national pride working for it, the Proton got a rapid hold on the market. Thus, the following steps of the analysis will present the results of the field survey with this expectation in mind.

The current logistics arrangement has both positive and negative implications. Perodua will derive value from this by having their product in the minds of customers and attracting customers by creating awareness. For this purpose, the questionnaire scale is based on the criterion 5-almost always 4-Usually per cent of the time ; -Occasionally per cent of the time ; 2-Seldom per cent of the time and, 1-Never 0 per cent of the time. By portraying a strong branding and excellent customer service can create word-of-mouth. Buying firms must be willing to invest in the relationship with a long-term perspective. There are a number of vehicles that aim to achieve the same type of imaging for example Proton Exora. Degree to build-team relationship and 5. During this process, a more detailed and thorough examination of expectations is conducted by PROTON before the supplier is recommended. Then the development phase begins.

This study also observed that most of the suppliers that approached PROTON directly to introduce themselves and their products are highly confident and capable of presenting their technical capabilities in producing parts and components.

On the Road OTR price of the car is determined by various factors.

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Perodua International Promotion Stratgies (4P's)