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Her assumption is that David had been found along the road by Ben, who killed him and disposed of the body. She describes how there once was a girl and she had a shadow. The media is alerted to what has happened, and news stations and papers carry the story.

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She defies racist hiring policies in wartime San Francisco to become the first black streetcar conductor at age fifteen. One Easter Sunday, Maya is unable to finish reciting a poem in church, and self-consciously feeling ridiculed and a failure, Maya races from the church crying, laughing, and wetting herself.

Helen manages to break out of the police car, and rushes for her family's store, where her sister Elsa lets her in.

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Maya endures several appalling incidents that teach her about the insidious nature of racism. They take it down to the nearby docks and dump the body in the water, with Barry making everyone swear to take the secret to their graves. He also has a steady girlfriend named Zelda. The remaining scenes were filmed primarily around the town of Southport , North Carolina. The police won't believe it as an accident, since there's alcohol spilled in the car, and the car belongs to Barry. She also believes that she bears responsibility for Mr. Abandoned cars litter streets and dead bodies hang from windows.

Julie rushes in to tell Barry and Helen, but when they return, the crabs and Max's body have disappeared from the trunk.

Her goal in life is to please her father, who is prone to drinking and rages.

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