Pillow angel ashley

EP: Earlier in this conversation you said that as a side effect of the controversy many hospitals and doctors had decided not to offer the Ashley Treatment for other severely disabled children. Time will tell if it remains stable and she will be able to avoid a scoliosis surgery, which is possibly another significant benefit of the Ashley treatment and one we did not anticipate at the beginning, but are very hopeful about.

However, the issue of the impact of size on encouraging "mobility" would generally be true whether the care is provided by family members or by other care givers. Nevertheless, we do need to address the separate issue of the society's inadequate support for caring for those with severe disabilities.

She is completely loved, and a source of joy and a delight to our family. I find it difficult to argue that this child and similar patients benefit merely from reaching their genetic growth potential. Many supportive emails indicated a reversal of position upon visiting the blog and seeing Ashley's photos.

The kind of developments that we've observed with her along the years include: being able to hold her head up, stick her thumb in her mouth, and touch her hair behind her ear.

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But it doesn't always go that way. As the hospital didn't provide me with a wheelchair, I lay in bed or on the floor for most of the next 14 years. Although she sleeps and awakens, and breathes on her own, she is unable to raise her head, sit up, hold an object, walk, or talk, and must be tube-fed.

Pillow angel ashley

Surgery to repair is not an option as he would never come off the ventilator. He says the reason for creating the website was to "share our thoughts and experience for two purposes: first, to help families who might bring similar benefits to their bedridden "Pillow Angels"; second, to address some misconceptions about the treatment and our motives for undertaking it. The treatment becomes exclusive to the wealthy and powerful. Where in your view does the onus lie between these two duties? The risks of thrombosis from progesterone , and cancer from estrogen may be low, but cumulatively these risks should be weighed against the low risk and transient discomfort of surgery. I raised the issue not because of specific concern in Ashley's case but to alert readers about less-than-careful thinking that has occurred in other cases. What was their assessment based on? For example, we received many hate emails. EP: Reading through the testimonies, many families talk of their grief at having to put their grown-up children into a disabled people's institution after it became physically untenable to care for them at home. Up to now, as far as I'm aware, it was assumed that your family was the only one in America — even the world — to have carried out this treatment for a severely disabled child. Ashley may be just competent enough to experience the difficulties that menstruation often bring to severely retarded women, include being terrified on a recurring basis.

It would help to know the incremental risk of cancer associated with the estrogen therapy. All children who can't talk should be given access to communication therapy before any judgments are made about their intelligence.

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Report: 'Pillow angel' surgery broke law