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African Loose Beads Our beads have personality! The following options are a guide but it is possible to add your own permutations: To provide a neater finish to your beads and to show more of the paper pattern, simply cut the tip from the triangle as indicated in the diagram above. Once you have a set of paper beads experiment with finishes and embellishments to add extra interest — be it gilding, wire wrapping, adding fancy papers, using specialist glazes, or simply painting them with acrylics, the options are endless.

We also provide in depth business and leadership training to help them run successful businesses. We focus on those projects identified by the women which we believe will have the most impact on helping the communities and women's group members overcome poverty.

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Once signed up, you can also order through a special vendor login on our web site. Or feel free to email us at carol outreachuganda. There are a number of different templates for making paper beads available on the internet. Bead earnings provide food and medicines for their families and pay school fees for their younger children. A better end for them than the trash bin! Quick drying marine varnish is perfect and is usually touch dry within 1 hour and ready for a second coat in 4 hours. The techniques used for African paper beads remains largely the same as used in Victorian times, but with scrap paper from printing companies and paper recycling markets, rather than wallpaper samples. With a little work on a graphics package on a computer you can set up a template document, which will print out the cut lines on each sheet, removing any need to measure prior to cutting.

Junk Mail Paper Beads These largely unwanted additions to newspapers and letters can be used in much the same way as magazines. When the paper is completely rolled make sure the end is securely stuck down before rolling the bead through your fingers with a light pressure to ensure it is cylindrical and secure.

To simplify this step and to aid repetition you could make a paper bead template to draw around or if the paper is of a suitable size use a computer, a graphics package, and a printer to print the layout on to the paper.

Take your skewer or dowel and starting at the wide end of your paper sample roll the paper around the skewer slightly so that it starts to form a cylinder.

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Handcrafted and Creative Our wonderfully creative Ugandan beaders hand roll strips of glossy paper into a bead shape. Basic Paper Bead Making Tutorial: Place your paper face down on your work surface so that the side facing you is not the side that will form the outside of the bead With a sharp pencil mark up the reverse side of your paper sample by marking-up one short edge of your paper with divisions spaced 30mm apart.

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Now carefully roll the paper past the glue and continue onwards ensuring that each spiral at the side of the bead is symmetrical as it forms. If the paper is too flimsy it is likely to tear whilst it is being rolled and if it is too heavy it will prove difficult to roll resulting in a loose and uneven bead. We ship via the cheapest method and do not insure your package unless you pay for either Expedited Shipping or Insurance. The only other problem is likely to be with the paper finish. We hope the necklaces and bracelets will fascinate you and that you will want to buy many of them. We also provide in depth business and leadership training to help them run successful businesses. Overcome Poverty Together. In addition to the range of colours many of these papers are also finely textured or grained, which will add a little something extra to the resulting bead. Well made holes, and proper sizes and shapes result in easy use for your bead designs. Our office hours are 9am to 4pm Mountain Time Monday to Friday. Once you select your color, you will then need to choose the quantity. Plus there are now more colour options available than previously.

Paper beading is highly addictive! Straight Edge — for cutting against. Self Healing Cutting Mat — for cutting on. From Beads to Business BeadforLife is founded as a non-profit organization, bringing recycled paper bead jewelry to hearts and homes and empowering women to earn income.

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