Occupational health clinic business plan

The hiring of a premise, purchasing of the required equipment and other medical facilities, all these require a substantial amount of capital. Three consulting firms have submitted their bids towards this project. Mobile Services: Our mobile unit is a foot customized Barth van that houses equipment, supplies, materials and staff.

Face-to-face counseling in off-site offices. Buy your domain name from a reputable domain name seller.

medical business plan ppt

Include this cost in the business plan and borrow from the bank to get you started. Nutrition education programs are provided through the guidance and supervision of a licensed nutritionist who can custom design a healthier eating program for the work force.

Phone up and ask for quotes. Workwell's main objective will be to work with client employers to implement an unmatched wellness strategy that will ultimately improve employee productivity while significantly reducing health care costs.

The business plan becomes feasible after having all the resources are in place, and it is ready to be started. Recruitment of employees who will work with me towards achieving the objectives of the clinic. As with all the services available through Workwell, you can select the individual programs that best meet your needs.

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