Nursing clinical reflection jounal psychiatric area

examples of reflective practice in mental health nursing

I am aware that in some areas other disciplines are claiming the keyworker or case manager role as their exclusive domain. One colleague commented that nursing is all about getting to know someone, establishing a relationship.

Nursing clinical reflection jounal psychiatric area

At that time particularly difficult clients were transferred to other, more secure facilities. Therefore, clinical staff and nurse educators need to be effective in anticipating and alleviating clinical stress for students. Grav, S. Motivating nursing staff to be involved in participation or facilitation and presenting the program in a positive light to their clients was an ongoing challenge. However, I would not trade this experience for any less paperwork, homework, or assignments. It may sound intimidating, and maybe even frightening, but your clinical experience offers you a learning opportunity to build the foundation of your nursing education. Considerable autonomy was afforded to the staff in this unit in terms of assessment, planning care and providing therapy. Community, day hospital and forensic services were expanding and new roles for nurses were developing. Undergraduate nursing student experiences of their mental health clinical placement. It took me many months to become clear about the role of the registered nurse in the areas in which I worked but my identity as a nurse always remained intact. And I could. Above all, treat your patients as you would if you were already their nurse…because a good nurse starts with kindness and goodness. Everyday those patients that were able, would migrate to the occupational therapy department or recreational hall where occupational therapists and recreation officers would engage them in interesting art, craft and recreational activities. Also, another situation where a young female women in her early twenties had made many attempt to commit suicide.

The nursing staff cared for patients twenty four hours a day. As a result of absent family support after her mother passed away when she was 15 years old, her father have another family in Japan and she was sexually abused by her own brother.

Street states that we make choices from a multiplicity of choices. A definitive answer continues to elude me but through the process of inquiry, other questions to do with philosophy, values, power and oppression, have arisen which inform the original question.

It is my opinion that an outside observer would have been hard pressed to discern who was what in a team meeting.

Nursing student journal entry examples

Having had my grounding in medical and surgical nursing I obtained employment in a large, rural psychiatric hospital as a registered nurse. Nurses provided physical nursing care when required and performed delegated medical tasks such as administering and assessing the efficacy of medication or assisting with ECT. My next role was in a day hospital setting. I looked to occupational therapists and a few nurses, who were skilled and committed to group work as a therapeutic modality for supervision and guidance. If ones professional identity became shaky then one could always wear the uniform and medals as a reminder of who you were and what you represented. In practice there was little dilemma, as nurses were developing and using generic mental health skills such as counselling, massage and group facilitation, to good effect. Personal meaning is not formed and shaped in isolation from our sociocultural context Street, The meeting went well as we saw how each patient took their time to think about their positives, and within the group milieu, each discussed what their strengths were. One might take a Rogerian approach to counselling while another might take a cognitive approach. It was a quick way to remind each patient of his or her positive affirmations. During the 5-week psychiatric mental health nursing clinical practicum, students completed four weeks of clinical rotations in two units and submitted one journal entry each week reflecting upon an instance they selected and completed a survey to evaluate critical reflective journaling. It is important that educators encourage students to advocate the people they are working with, but to do this, students need support.

Not surprisingly care plans were often a source of conflict, or a focus for criticism, as it was not possible that they could, simultaneously be all that people wished of them.

I was very impressed to see this patient bizarre behaviors during a ten minutes team meeting in which the patient flip from showing a strong personality at the beginning, to an angry person in a few minutes later, to be an actor ,then laugh then cry then laugh again in such a short period of time.

In all the contexts of nursing described, the nurse attempted to meet the needs of the client in the context of a relationship, this is perhaps a defining characteristic of nursing.

Some nurses I have spoken to, view application of the nursing process as a unifying activity in nursing. I no longer had responsibility for coordinating overall "care" for the client and I worked ordinary working hours.

However, my mind has changed since this semester. What struck me was how, even years latter, we were able to remember names, idiosyncrasies, family details and what worked effectively in our dealings with these individuals.

Nicknames for patients and chiding remarks reflected a friendly, paternalistic, parent like attitude of many staff towards patients.

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A Personal Reflection on my Experience as a Mental Health Nurse