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Corey Haim plays the titular character, an exceptionally bright student and social pariah whose nerdy everything frequently finds him in the crosshairs of bullies.

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As funny as the movie is, it also features some heavy moments that may surprise the first-time viewer. Weird Science No one writes teenagers better than John Hughes. He oozed the independence and sex appeal that teens wanted in their lives now they knew they could take control. Mykelti Williamson as Paranoid, Psycho Ed's right-hand man. However there could be worse messages see Grease , because at least Cher focuses on helping others rather than just herself, right? These are the best movies about those things. Hangs them. Mary Birdsong as Mrs. The mismatched pair's chances at true love are tested by Blane's snobby friends and Andie's awkward best friend, Duckie Jon Cryer. So what does the future of high school movies hold?

Erica Vittana Phillips as Tameka, Dr. Targeted by a bunch of drunken meatheads, Jennifer undergoes somewhat of a transformation when they sacrifice her to a demon. Coppola invests each scene of his adaptation with the exact amount of whatever it needs. With good reason too: a masked killer begins offing high schoolers, and it soon transpires that those kids?

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Films such as Rebel Without a Cause gave an idea of what teenagers wanted to be: guys wanted to be James Dean, girls wanted to be with James Dean.

This classic DePalma horror embraces the real terror of being a teenage girl. Pretty In Pink, his follow-up to Breakfast Club, is another must-see entry in the genre.

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Here are 30 of the best films about those formative years most of us spend a lifetime trying to forget. Then read on for our rundown of the best high school horror movies.

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All Cheerleaders Die Image credit: Image Entertainment No matter your own experiences with cheerleaders, no rallying youngster deserves the fate that befalls this crew. Coppola invests each scene of his adaptation with the exact amount of whatever it needs. Then read on for our rundown of the best high school horror movies. Coming up on its 20th anniversary, Battle Royale makes any playground shenanigans you were subjected to look positively delightful. The movie opens as Maddy is filming a video diary of her friend Alexis, the head cheerleader, go about her day. And the likable characters help fill in any narrative cracks as we actively root for these two teens to get together. Finishing compulsory education and figuring out what to do next is so fraught with a mixture of tension, anxiety, optimism, and possibility that this particular time in life has and will continue to provide excellent fodder for movies.

Over the course of the movie, her pals are stalked and slashed all over school in a series of revenge killings. These two themes, sex and popularity, from here on become immensely important in high school films of proceeding decades.

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