Media richness

Although YouTube videos are limited in length to around eight minutes mainly for technical reasons, they are also more easily absorbed than a continuous video of 50 minutes. So the question is not if rich media works favorable for an organization, but which one is most suited to the actual problem at hand.

Media richness

E-mail is now thought of as a verbal tool, with its capacity to enable immediate feedback, leverage natural language, and embed emotion via acronyms and emoticons. Also immediate feedback is possible in contrast to text messages or email. Feedback ensures that any mistake in the transmission can be corrected immediately Immediacy of feedback in a medium refers to the ability of the medium to allow users to quickly respond to the communication that is being received. Criticism This theory drew two main criticism: 1. For example, if a news channel is conducting an investigation on a possible bribery scandal, they would get in touch with possible informants for more inside information. Will lectures be recorded and streamed or live-meetings e. When honesty is not considered the best policy, learner media, such as e-mail, allows for a stronger possibility of deception. Participants were also more likely to choose to want to visit the doctor who provided the richer video introduction over the leaner text biography. The diagram above comes from the Wikipedia entry for Media Richness Theory.

This perspective suggests that organizations gather information from their environment, process this information, and then act on it.

Media richness and social norms in the choice to attend lectures or to watch them online. While consumers embrace the possibilities of rich media for self-information about products Brunelle, ; the companies offer the leanest tools for communication in promotion and sometimes even direct purchase?!

Examples of rich media include face-to-face communications and videoconferencing. In fact, media choice is complex and in general even if a rich media is considered to be the "best" to communicate a message, a leaner media may still be able to communicate the message.

Why would I use a podcast rather than a video?

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The second assumption of this theory is commonly used media in organizations works better for certain tasks than others. In order to facilitate productive cooperation and team dynamics, organizations benefit from considering the technology tools that are provided for coworking and communication.

In a study examining representations of the former Yugoslavia on the World Wide WebJackson and Purcell proposed that hypertext plays a role in determining the richness of individual websites.

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Media Richness Theory