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Hidden actions are possible when there is asymmetric information between owners and managers.

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Beyond these three internal measures, there is an important external force or event —a corporate takeover-- that can also motivate managers to make decisions that maximize the value of a firm. Markets may be structured as one of four types: 1 A perfectly competitive market has a large number of relatively small firms selling an undifferentiated product in a market with no barriers to entry.

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Some Marriott franchises are shirking their responsibility to maintain high quality hotels, and this shirking damages the reputation of all Marriott franchises. Should it? Were these price fl uctuations the result of changes in supply or demand? If the value of the dollar falls, the dollar price of commodities will rise. James Theater in New York. Stores can refuse to provide refunds on returns and, instead, provide a credit for future purchases or only allow exchanges. Producer-producer rivalry exists between U. Microeconomics is the study and analysis of the behavior of individual segments of the economy: individual consumers, workers and owners of resources, individual firms, industries, and markets for goods and services. Among them are emotions panic , government restrictions on trade, the Malthusian specter of population growth outpacing food pro- duction, slowing productivity growth in the agricultural sector, rising incomes, and the production of ethanol. If so, how?

What is the equilibrium quantity of wheat sold? Solution: Because the demand for lumber is derived in large part from the demand for new housing construction, a decline in construction would be likely to cause the demand for lumber to fall, leading to lower lumber prices.

If it is less than 1, spending will decrease as a percentage of income as income increases.

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Answers to Mathematical Exercises 1. There may also have been an additional increase in demand due to expectations by investors that the dollar price of gold would continue to rise.

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