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There is little mention of them in his literary writings or his letters. This change caused apparent consternation among some reviewers since these poets had been summarily dismissed in the earlier version of the poem.

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Imagination and Fancyhis most sustained critical work, draws interesting parallels between painting and poetry. Nonetheless, it was wildly welcomed, and, to Hunt's elation, Queen Victoria went twice.

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He also was allowed a room in the infirmary with a small plot of ground just outside in which to walk and in which he planted an apple tree and a garden of lilacs, daisies, heartsease, broom, and sweetbrier. His influential days as editor of The Examiner were past as were his heady days with the great Romantic poets, and his reputation was at its lowest ebb. Also in The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt was published in three volumes including all the poems he had published to that time with the exception of his juvenile poems. Robert Hunt's criticism earned the enmity of William Blake , who described the Examiner's office as containing a "nest of villains". In Leigh Huntand his brother John had launched a liberal weekly newspaper, The Examiner, which advocated abolition of the slave trade, Catholic emancipation, and reform of Parliament and the criminal law. Also, no doubt, he was bitter with Byron for inviting him to Italy, humiliating him, and then leaving him in the lurch. Because of his straitened circumstances he was forced to move from a small house to a smaller house to a smaller cottage. Unfortunately, the production lasted only a few days because the leading lady, Ellen Tree, had prior commitments. Tolerance and lack of rancor are typical of the book, and especially notable are the mild comments where one might have expected sharper criticism, on the Prince Regent, Byron, Dickens, and old enemies. He borrowed frequently from his friends and was, at least once, sued for not repaying a loan. Probably Hunt's best poem in The Liberal was "The Dogs," a political satire suggesting that Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, treated his dogs better than his men and concluding that, if dogs are to be treated better, they should be put in the aristocracy and go to heaven.

His family was permitted to live with him indeed, his third child, Mary Florimel, was born in prisonand his friends, including Byron, Hazlitt, Lamb, and Thomas Moore, visited and sometimes dined with him. Nevertheless, most reviews were favorable, citing the fine dialogue, acute characterization, and emotional power.

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The Autobiography was edited 2 vols. Nevertheless, and in spite of the amenities, confinement made his serious chronic illness worse. Because of further delays, he did not sail until 13 May and arrived on 1 July and, ironically, within days Shelley drowned in a sudden squall during his return home to Lerici by boat after welcoming Hunt to Italy.

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For their satirical treatment of the unpopular Prince Regent, the brothers were imprisoned in Furthermore, Colburn probably encouraged the unflattering treatment because he thought, rightly, that a sensationalized book would sell more copies. He also edited two more journals: Leigh Hunt's London Journalwhich was one of his best and most successful, though it lasted less than two years because it was apparently too refined for ordinary tastes, and The Monthly Repositorywhich was given to him because it was failing.

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