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How many of us did stupid things when we were younger? Posted by. Killing killers denies the possibility of redemptive change while perpetuating the very crime that put these people in prison in the first place. So of course I understand why the impulse to kill those who kill exists. Let us not argue if Saddam is one of those - but in general, how do we tell those who may change, who indeed are changing, from those whose soul is rotten to the core? Redemption is possible but it is not up to the individual, it is up to the people forgiving the individual. One night when Blake stepped out of the elevator from his office building he was surprised to find his ex-lover waiting in the lobby. So in the end, sometimes it is impossible to redeem oneself. And with that possibility in place, what could justify its removal? I look at some of the persons in Hollywood, politics, church and corporate environments who have been guilty of fraud, sexual misconduct and various other infractions and wonder who will be afforded the opportunity for redemption and who will be bound and imprisoned by their past regardless of what they do. I see redemption as forgiving oneself and moving on. Redemption is fully possible, as long as you're willing to put in the work to get it. Society rightly condemns murder because death is the very definition of finality. Just because not everyone is redeemable some may dispute that , it does not follow that none is.

So of course I understand why the impulse to kill those who kill exists. I believe that with play….

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When one commits a mistake, they forfit the power to judge the situation and, as such, it is only when one repents for the situation and is met with forgiveness that redemption can truly be achieved. These are hard questions, but I believe that although the answer is not simple, it is certainly possible and advisable to ensure that wherever possible a path to redemption is available to those who seek it and have proven that they have abandoned previous behavior.

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Redemption is possible but is not to be taken lightly. They will be able to use what they did wrong to correct themselves and become a better person overall. In my opinion, based on crime and relations, an individual may or may not deserve redemption. When Miss Dent was standing right in front of him he had the perfect chance to ask her what she wanted, but being the ignorant man Blake is, he continued on his path to perceived safety. It should take real dedication and determination from both sides, the person hurt and the person who has made the mistake. We want to see them punished - nay, suffer. Hold onto that thought for a moment. Don't get me wrong: The death penalty is about many things -- retribution, punishment, anger, a misguided desire for some illusory "cosmic balancing" of the scales of justice. I happen to be a product of the redemptive process. The list is tragically long. Furthermore, we must make up for what we have done, especially if it has hurt others.

Perhaps what seemed like a harmless comment to the person who said it, may have in fact resurfaced past insecurities of the other person. As a result of that, people are always asking for forgiveness. Redemption means to atone for a fault or be saved.

Even after making a huge mistake, one can always get back up and move forward.

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There is William Happwho committed a brutal murder in only to recant decades later. The list is tragically long.

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It Isn't Possible For Every Individual To Find Redemption