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The advertising instruments are carried by the advertising channels which contain magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations. One of the most popular definitions is the one by Kotler who views advertising as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor Kotler et al. Saga One is a customer focused loyalty scheme offering exclusivity, experiences and most importantly simplicity. They use integrated marketing communication to deliver and promote products to their customers. Using both Advertising and Public Relations helps create consistent brand guidelines and esteem that is clear and efficient to the brand. The most common way of TV advertisement is the TV spot, but there also new forms which have emerged during the last years including advertising banners and permanent advertising shows Rogge , pp. Newspapers are characterised by their distribution areas e. That being the case, the need for Integrated Marketing Communication is not only needed, but critical to marketing success Wirth, R. Institute regular cross-functional meetings. Analysis of the UK Travel Market 3. For example the survey suggested that participants aged 50 and above would be influenced to book a holiday if they were members of a loyalty scheme that offered them exclusive discounts; Appendix N provides a snapshot of the raw data.

Therefore also the advertising industry has profited from the investments which have recently been made in Poland.

Poles are very keen towards the free-market economy. The comparison concludes with an outlook on the further development of the advertising markets in Germany and Poland by stating potential similarities and differences.

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I believe they have been successful with their integrated marketing communication also known as I. However, customers want to expect the same experience across retail channels.

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It starts with theoretical background information on advertising and then continues with a secondary-statistical analysis of major advertisement conditions in the Polish and German markets.

To expand the sales volume one uses introductive and extensive advertisement. Newspapers are characterised by their distribution areas e.

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Integrated marketing not only involves all department heads in overall strategy development, but also requires consistent interdepartmental communication to ensure that each group is doing its part according to the plan or to identify unexpected problems. Actually, in the latter s, many companies had already been moving toward the concept of integrated marketing communications IMC , which involves coordinating the various promotional elements along with other marketing activities that communicate with a firm's set of customers. Poland is also one of the most attractive countries of the former Soviet block for foreign investment Piekarski Sidney de Haan founded Saga Holidays in Saga, As standardized advertising is cheap but of limited success, local or at least regional advertising campaigns are increasing which fit the specific perceptive and communicative needs of the respective cultures Bolten , pp. Market-specific factors such as low-cost air travel and the popularity of personally organised holidays — Appendix C 3. Discussion No doubt, it is viewed as a response tool to communication challenges facing today's organizations. These objectives will be qualitative and quantitative, providing a short and long term outcome proposal linked to the financial budget and timescales set.
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Integrated Marketing Communication (Imc) Essay