Importance of cross cultural awareness essay

importance of cultural awareness in education

The Actual understanding of the Cultural diversities and acquiring the Intelligence well many a Communication gap can be met effectively. Self-awareness which is defined by experts as understanding your own culture is another main reason for studying intercultural communication.

By having a high level of cultural competency within an organization, an individual customer or fellow professional employee is not seen as apart of a certain cultural group based off a Similar Essays Cross Cultural Awareness Essay words - 8 pages communication, and norms.

Cultural awareness helps us reduce the chances of making bad decisions and increases the chance of us making more insightful, considered decisions. It is said that managers should be taught how to adapt and respect the differences with work and also how to maximize the contribution of each employee Cascio, This will lead to avoid confusion misunderstanding of the culture and its concepts in society.

How about we look at an example to explain this further?

how to develop cultural awareness

Before we discuss about cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence, it is important to understand what culture is and how it impacts on our society.

Cultural diversity has become the most important factor in the working life within the hospitality industry due to becoming more diverse in the terms of race, ethnicity, national origin and other personnel characteristics of their staff members Shaw and Barrett-Power, Nurses have to be culturally aware to be able to provide culturally competent care to their patients.

Addressing Cultural sensitivity permits people to comprehend that there are differences between cultures. Essay on Cultural Sensitivity And Cultural Competence - Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence In Prevention and Intervention Programming Culturally competent care is care that respects diversity in the patient population, and cultural factors that affect health and health care, such as language, communication styles, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs.

They recognize the impacts of cultural diversity that can lead to both advantages and disadvantages. Technology has brought people closer; however, the fact the no one can see and determine the race or background of other people lays a hidden trap. This strategy of ignoring cultural differences it precludes the potential of minimizing the negative impacts and also increasing positive impacts of diversity.

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Essay about Cultural Sensitivity