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Abuses by armed groups Abuses by armed groups continued, although the number of indiscriminate attacks, and attacks targeting the general population, was lower than in recent years. Their successes illustrate the possibility of defending human rights — indeed, the responsibility to do so — even in darker times.

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Some of those Human Rights Watch interviewed said that people in Turkey now think twice before posting or reacting to online content criticizing the government. According to the nongovernmental organization Freedom House, internet freedom in Turkey has steadily deteriorated, with its Freedom Net Overall Score slipping by 21 points , from 45 in to 66 in , with the higher score meaning more violations. Even if a case does not go to trial or ends in acquittal, people labeled as terrorism suspects face adverse consequences due to police investigations and criminal proceedings, including possible loss of employment and social exclusion. Some of the reported disappearances took place in Antalya, İzmir and Istanbul. People continued to be arrested and remanded to pretrial custody on terrorism charges, with at least 50, remanded to pretrial detention and many more prosecuted since the failed coup. Newroz celebrations ; usually on or around 21 March each year Newroz 31 people shot dead [88] The annual report of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey HRFT reported that one demonstrator was killed in Nusaybin. In November, Osman Kavala, a businessman and well-known figure in civil society in Turkey, was jailed pending investigation on trumped up charges, including involvement in the July coup. These include provisions allowing for dismissal from public service without an investigation, confiscation of property without judicial review, police custody of up to 30 days, and the reintroduction of incommunicado detention in which detainees can be denied access to a lawyer in the first five days of custody, giving rise to heightened risks of ill-treatment. The Law on foundations adopted in February addresses, among other things, a number of property issues regarding non-Muslim minorities. The scale of dismissals and prosecutions in connection with the coup and weakened safeguards gave rise to serious concerns that the legitimate prosecution of those suspected of involvement in the coup attempt is being conducted without due process. In , a new Criminal Code was introduced Law No Intense security operations in the period January to May in towns in the southeast where the city militias linked to the PKK had become entrenched resulted in displacement of up to , residents.

Confidential details of investigations were frequently leaked to government-linked media and splashed across the front pages of newspapers, while government spokespeople made prejudicial statements regarding cases under investigation. Browse Countries. The legislation contains many measures similar to the extraordinary powers the authorities enjoyed under emergency rule.

Freedom of Expression, Association, and Assembly The prosecution and jailing of journalists for doing their work continued after the closing of media outlets since the coup attempt. Under the state of emergency in Turkey over lawyers have been jailed pending trial, and over 1, prosecuted.

The purge has resulted in the dismissal of tens of thousands of government employees, including thousands of police and teachers. Wikipedia refused to edit the page. People expressing dissenting views remained at risk, with individuals threatened with violence by unknown individuals or groups.

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Turkey: Crackdown on Social Media Posts