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It is essential to the design of effective training. Classroom instruction is often supplemented, with case studies, role playing and business games or simulations.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Training and Development The advantages which can be beneficial to the organisation is the retention of the current employees who are competent in their positions and have the ability to take on new roles within the organisation. This suggests that it is much easier to engage in learning programs from any location in the world, if an individual has an Internet connection Venkatesh and Goyal, There are many benefits to the organisation and the employee but it should also be recognised that there are also disadvantages to this.

Communication management as a second-order management function: Roles and functions of the communication executive — results from a shadowing study.

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The European nations have suffered under the current debt crisis that has shrunk economies in Europe. The step of training need analysis lends a clear goal and relevance to the training being provided. It is clear that such kind of conference room could be helpful in increasing the level of training. However, in the light of recession, despite the imposed cuts in budget, the majority of companies has estimated that training and development has not been viewed as an expendable commodity. Resources: There are various resources that might be used for the purpose of making the training sessions highly effective and result oriented. The learning is usually also undertaken simultaneously within the reaction level. Secondly, although training employees makes them better suited to their tasks in a company, high employee turnover erodes the benefits employees have to offer the company through the application of their skills. This is also essential to the concept of training and development within the organisation as the development of management within the organisation, as the leadership role needs to grow both personally and professionally thus the impetus is on the development through training and development. Thus it is a complete program schedule that has been taken into special consideration in current scenario. The school uses cases and lectures to provide them with the latest management skills. Other types of training and development include attending classes and online courses. The self-study option includes text and DVD. One major reason that an organisation may not provide training and development would be down to cost in time and money. Behavior modeling: It involves showing trainees the right or Model way of doing something, letting each person practice the right way to do it and providing feedback regarding performance.

Online training allow the individual to manage the training program by himself, where he is regarded to be in control over the situation Venkatesh and Goyal, If the manager can motivate the employee in their work and can encourage development then the employee will see it in a positive light and will work towards the goals.

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Training and Development of Human Resource