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The external projection of image is presented as being at odds with internal thoughts and desires. This dialogue with history and politics is emphasised through the vehicle of this friendship, and, in using this, Shakespeare questions the virility of the Danish political system and the role of the monarchy. In this first of two articles on Module B: Hamlet, we will provide you with some foundational ideas, from which you can develop your own list. It smells to heaven. The ending of Hamlet is all the more tragic then, as Fortinbras is appointed King of Denmark. But the problem for criticism is to discover, in presence of a certain complex of sensations x, whether there is unity or no, and, if there is, what is its nature. Hamlet dramatisices the struggles of the time. Try to establish your own opinions about the play, think about what resonates with you the most and adopt a critical mindset when evaluating ideas. Further serves to characterise him as a Renaissance figure. Although Hamlet sees through Claudius, Gertrude is unable to detect the treachery of her new husband. All is not well. The reason for this canonical status is the timelessness of its thematic preoccupations of death and identity. Claudius in his representation of man succumbing to his vices foreshadows the fate of Hamlet.

Ernest Jones continues the psychoanalysis of the people in the play as if they were real people and suggests that Hamlet has an Oedipus Complex — How can Hamlet murder Claudius when his uncle has committed the deed he himself subconsciously wanted to carry out?

However, in terms of meaning, this line representes a moment of clarity for Hamlet which we understand as the fate of loss in the sense that his internal musings which only he understands are now coming to a realisation.

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What that means is that you need to develop four or five major ideas about the text. Although he is plagued by doubt, his delay highlights the complexities of his character. The textual integrity of Hamlet hinges on the timelessness of its core thematic concerns.

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With God at the apex, the monarch was viewed as His voice on Earth. It is because Hamlet is eternally human that the play retains its lasting hold on our sympathies. As you read it, consider whether you think it contains a clear thesis and directly answers the question.

The play often deals with polarities and your interpretations may well vary from the interpretations of others.

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