How to write an expression in math

Parent Tip: Encourage your children to use a pencil or erasable pen so they can keep their notes and calculations neat without having to start over again every time they want to change the order of part of the expression.

For the example above, "7 multiplied by the sum of 4 and 2," make a list of the things you know you must include: The numbers 7, 4, and 2. Usually, when we hear the word sum, we think of addition or the total of adding numbers.

Remember to think carefully about what to include, and the order you need to write it. Help students to break down the words, word phrases, and sentences into individual parts as shown above.

Other Forms of Algebraic Expressions Multiplicationdivision, exponentialsand parentheticals are all part of the ways in which Algebraic expressions function, all of which follow an order of operations when presented together. Students can check their answers by substituting their result back into the original equation.

Not only are the rules for the order of operations important, but you will also need to remember your basic math vocabulary.

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Quotient The answer to a division problem. Like with addition and subtractioneach of these other forms of value manipulation come with their own terms that help identify which type of operation their Algebraic expression is performing — words like times and multiplied by trigger multiplication while words like over, divided by, and split into equal groups denote division expressions.

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Test Questions Review the above recap points with your children and then print out the Post Test that follows. In general the meaning of expressions is not limited to designating values; for instance, an expression might designate a condition, or an equation that is to be solved, or it can be viewed as an object in its own right that can be manipulated according to certain rules.

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Difference The answer to a subtraction problem. Writing an equation from a word problem requires similar accuracy. Various synonyms for operations can be used and all are technically correct. Testing Knowledge of Mathematical Phrasing for Addition Use the following questions and answers to help your student learn the correct way to formulate Algebraic expressions based on mathematical phrasing: Question: Write seven plus n as an Algebraic expression. The semantic rules may declare that certain expressions do not designate any value for instance when they involve division by 0 ; such expressions are said to have an undefined value, but they are well-formed expressions nonetheless. The determination of this value depends on the semantics attached to the symbols of the expression. She is also a freelance writer with more than 14 years of experience. Deb Russell is a school principal who has taught mathematics at all levels. Students tend to focus on the first numbers presented and often subtract or add them without regard to the words used in the text. This may seem to be a straightforward reading of notation, yet there are a variety of ways to write algebraic expression and equations. Careful reading is also necessary to identify relationships among numbers. Help students to break down the words, word phrases, and sentences into individual parts as shown above. Inverse operations can also be used to solve equations. For instance, think about the word sum. Variables[ edit ] Many mathematical expressions include variables.

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Writing basic expressions with variables (article)