How does steinbeck create an interestin

Lennie needs to hear often about the farm George and Lennie will one day own, a place where he will nor be singled out and persecuted for his difference.

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These traits that make George different from the other roaming ranch workers, as well as his need to make Lennie happy, make it possible, while not necessarily natural, for him to be a dreamer. Slim is able to control this situation because of his status and because of his wisdom, but it is clear that none of the others, including George, has any power to control the hostile environment. In the second scene, for example, the bunkhouse and inhabitants are introduced, suspicion falls on the two men's relationship, Curley and his wife inject an ominous tone which Lennie repeats with his instinctive reaction to them , Slim soothes the scene, and then they go to dinner. Because of the description Steinbeck gives Slim, the reader is compelled to accept his observations and philosophies. George must remind Lennie where they are going, and he is carrying both of their work tickets. This perceptiveness should be a trait that raises her above the level of dumb whore; however, her truthful pronouncement reinforces the danger of her character. Then he focuses in on a path and then — still more — on two men walking down that path.

Essay Topic: AtmosphereDamnation Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Both forces are clearly functioning in Of Mice and Men. He tells Lennie that the talking George and Lennie do is important even if Lennie does not understand what George is saying.

How does steinbeck create an interestin

This scene contributes to the As compelling as these sensations are to Lennie, he is willing to give them up to preserve his relationship with George, perhaps the most satisfying and certainly the safest passion in his life.

What the author may have hoped to convey is irrelevant in comparison to what is actually presented in the text.

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Carlson suggests they give Candy one of the puppies and convince him to shoot the old, lame dog that stinks up the bunkhouse. He has In Chapter 4 she accuses them of ignoring her if more than one of them is around, implying that each is open to talking to her if he is alone.

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He studied literature and writing at Stanford University. Two other stage conventions include the entrances and exits by characters and, at the beginning of each scene, the setting descriptions. His understanding and approval of the relationship between George and Lennie creates further sympathy for their circumstances. He wrote many novels In fact, Steinbeck focused many of his novels, not on averageliterary themes rather he tended to relay messages about the many hard truths oflife in The United States. With a farm, they would be able to build their own small world and, consequently, separate from the unjust society. She screams and he covers her mouth and nose with his hand. Lennie appears at the pool alone and, because he is alone, left to his own irrational thinking, he is unable to retain his sanity. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Steinbeck has created a male world, and the woman who enters this world is a menace. The focus is on the conversation at the card table with the darkness all around. Carlson tells Candy he should shoot the dog because it suffers all the time, because it has no fun, and because it stinks. Yet, through Lennie, Steinbeck presents these qualities, often associated with the mentally disabled, as positive.

Because he is always with Lennie, George is not a solitary figure. In the middle are two scenes in the bunkhouse, and two scenes in the barn, the latter including Crooks ' room which is in the barn.

Steinbeck has cleverly used animal imagery to give further insight into many characters in the novel.

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