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If there is any situation in your life now or later in the semester which may have an impact on your schoolwork, please let me know.

If you answer 4, 5, or 6 of the six questions correctly, then you'll receive full credit for the quiz. What you need to do here is talk about what you learn by looking at the map or picture. Total points is In order to encourage you to read the text on the assigned date, I will be giving about reading quizzes at the beginning of the class session.

For each quiz there will be six objective questions that are designed to test your reading comprehension. It is one of the most serious labor disputes in U.

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Documents Analysis Paper. Most of the final exam will cover material studied since the third exam; some of the final will be comprehensive for the entire course.

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Ferguson Court gave its approval to state lawsrequireing separate facilities for blacks and whites Reading Quiz Attached to the exam will be a reading quiz, covering Beals through page However, I encourage you to come to office hours or make an appointment if you want detailed feedback on drafts of your writing.

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