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Italy; P. However, some had managed to become great empires, such as the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. Study of the flora and fauna of the Volga River valley and the Caspian Sea with part of the adjoining regions of the Urals. Roborovskii and P.

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Technological advancements that were important to the Age of Exploration were the adoption of the magnetic compass and advances in ship design. In the following months they explored other Caribbean islands and in returned to Spain. Municipalities governed by councils and high courts Audiencias to dispense justice were also instituted. Description of route and compilation of drawings. The greatest depths were established within the deep-sea trenches. The culture of Europe had spread to Asia, Africa and other parts of the world very rapidly. Related posts:. Khabarov, and others , while Russian navigators had sailed around the entire northern coast of Asia, discovering the Yamal, Taimyr, and Chukchi peninsulas.

These ships were perfectly suited for long voyages: they were small in size, had a small crew, but a spacious hold.

Liapa and Aleksandr Abakumovich. Baffin, and others. Amundsen and R. Stadukhin, V. Dezhnev and F.

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Early third century B. Galleys were also used in trade. Impact of the Geographical Discoveries The geographical discoveries had a profound impact on the economic, political and social conditions in most parts of the world. The Maya spread through southern Yucatan peninsula between V and XV centuries, living on maize and organized in independent city-states.

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Therefore the new continent was named as America.

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Geographical Discoveries (Early Modern Age)