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However, because they predate the NGSS and its emphasis on crosscutting concepts, only a few of these examples include reference to a crosscutting concept, and none of them attempts to assess student understanding of, or disposition to invoke, such concepts.

What kind of clothes do you wear?

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I felt uncomfortable and wanted a place to hide. The example topic sentence sentence 1, underlined tells the reader that the paragraph is going to discuss why the mouse has become such an important model organism for biomedical research and how researchers can manipulate environmental and genetic factors in mice to answer important biomedical questions.

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Step 3: Practice Writing Expanded Sentences After teaching students what you should include in a more complex and detailed sentence, they can practice revising their own work, or practice revising simple sentences from meaningful writing examples see sample lesson plans below.

Have you concluded the paragraph with a sentence reminding the reader of the item's special significance? The research problem functions like a seed from which your paper, and your ideas, will grow.

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Effective Writing Center. They are thus left with questions about how more matter can be forced into a space that already seems to be full and what happens to matter when it spreads out to occupy more space. Paragraphs show where the subdivisions of a research paper begin and end and, thus, help the reader see the organization of the essay and grasp its main points.

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Sentence Expanding: Helping Students Build Stronger Sentences