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The rules of natural justice are observed but neither party has the right to legal representation. It is all about the personalities.

And they'd be right. Do your utmost to achieve fair correction of errors. Do not allow advertising or other commercial considerations to undermine accuracy, fairness or independence.

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Because of the secrecy surrounding the cases and their outcomes there are few ethics panel case studies to work with. The image has not been modified. If an appeal is lodged, the National Ethics Committee chair has eight days to convene an Appeal Panel of five members of the National Ethics Committee — at least two must be general public members of the Committee. The Complaints Panel will consider the complaint and can dismiss the complaint without further action; attempt to mediate; or seek further information. Lawyers are excluded. MediaWatch pic. The textbook was taken up by many Australian universities. Good journalism is to contribute to the understanding of issues and why the fighting started. Do your utmost to achieve fair correction of errors. The complaint is submitted as soon as possible to the chair of the National Ethics Panel to consider. And was this deception? It's all very impressive. While the formalities of legal proceedings are followed where necessary to protect the member, the Complaints Panel is not bound by formal rules of evidence. Prominent journalists have argued for each side of the case. It is tweeted and blazed onto the top of their home-pages within minutes.

Lazy journalism and commentary solely focused on the messengers instead of the message enables our politicians to behave the way they do.

The decline of journalistic standards has appreciably contributed to the political malaise we find ourselves in. Inthe alliance updated the code to a twelve-item document, requiring honesty, fairness, independence and respect for the rights of others.

He is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

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The MEAA Code of Ethics: all spin and no stick