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Applicants must write an essay imagining that they have buried something that is dug up by their relative years later, putting that relative's financial worries to rest.

Winning Writers A number of the contests found on our list came highly recommended by this site, which compiles some of the best free literary contests out there.

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You may be able to win cash, scholarships, trips, and other awards with your essay-writing abilities. Graywolf also offers smaller fiction and nonfiction prizes, with genres rotating by year; was a nonfiction year, so fiction is up in Because it can be on any topic or subject.

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Applicants must be high school seniors who are a resident of Placer, Nevada or El Dorado County, CA can attend school in another county.

They also offer a handful of contests themselvesincluding the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest which sounds delightful. All applicants must live in Michigan.

Deadline for awards TBA. Active Duty personnel are not eligible for scholarship awards. Students who reside in the U.

free writing contests 2019

See website for more details.

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