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Honesty implies the right selection of personnel and the right promotion of personnel, i. Allah orders the Muslim to be honest in all cases, in all deeds and words, to himself and others. The Muslim is to be honest, internally and externally, privately and publicly, whether observed by other people or not, whether he acts or speaks. And he meant exactly what he said. The only observer of a fasting person is Allah and the person himself. A Muslim is ordered by Allah to be honest in his words and deeds, in private and public. Honesty with other people is also extremely important.

From honesty springs forth many of the most noble of human qualities and characteristics. Essay topics mass private hindi language essay about making kindness in tamil. External and Internal Honesty By external honesty, I mean honesty, which is judged by other people.

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And lying leads to going wrong, and going wrong leads to hell. And blackboard leads to note wrong, and going wrong leads to assert. A dishonest person is a totality of diseases.

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The case of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not different. Tweet Islam orders the Muslim to be honest to himself and others. Prophet Muhammad warned us of the dangers inherent in dishonesty, and the benefits of living in an honest way.

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A Perfect Family-Man Truthful and Honest Muhammad Sright from his childhood was known for his virtue and lofty conduct and was far removed from the prevalent vices of the day like idolatry, dishonesty, drinking, gambling, cowardice etc.

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Significance of Honesty in Islam