Essay about health care in canada

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Canadian Government has created The Canada Health Act and developed it in all provinces and territories to provide better health care for its country residence. Init was estimated that 33 million Americans were enrolled for cover by Medicare, while 34 million was covered by Medicaid.

In the liberalized market represented by the United States systems, the more than health care insurance providers lack comprehensive covers thus making healthcare even more costly for the people. One of the biggest issues plaguing our nation today has been the ever rising cost of health care.

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However, there are many groups in the system that have personal interest that would like to see the most of public healthcare privatized as the solution to access issues. Universal healthcare is very cherished in Canada, but conservatives argue that introducing a private system will improve the burden on the public system. This approach does nothing to the cost of heath care. Kent Through the prospective Payment System PPS , the government has established average costs that the government pays to individual hospitals regardless of their individual costs. Integration and innovation Health-care stakeholders in Canada still function in silos. Related posts:. The entire system in the United States has caused a health care crisis that will not alleviate until something is done. Proceed While some critics in the US think that the Canadian universal healthcare system is not as good as it is portrayed to be, it is obvious that Canada is a much healthier country. So much was their pride in it that they thought that the outstanding difference between them and the Americans was the fact that they could go to hospitals without worrying about the charges, while their American counterparts had to hope that the insurance providers will hold to the end of their bargain Herzlinger,

Despite being located on the same continent both countries have different ways of delivering health care to its citizens. This leaves out major sections of the population such as the self employed, the retirees and the unemployed.

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We have an expensive system of health care that is clearly under-performing. American hospitals will not turn away a patient in need of care if it is of the utmost importance, but the hospitals will turn away a patient that is not being threatened by illness and does not have the ability to pay.

Essay about health care in canada

The gold standard has five goals. Who receives healthcare coverage. Canada has a mix of public and private healthcare system, where the private sector delivers health care services and the public sector is responsible for financing those services. The Wrong Health-Care Model. In , for the first time in our history, there were more seniors than children in Canada. United States of America has only provides private health care system, on other hand United Kingdom and other European countries provide both public as well as private health care. Canadians need to accept that seeking improvements and change does not mean sacrificing the noble ideals on which our system was founded. Health care often occurs in terms that compare public versus private health care systems. These challenges will only be exacerbated by the changing health landscape in an aging society. The Canadian government however justifies its spending by the virtues that an entire population benefits from it. The Health Care System Essay words - 7 pages America has a highly developed health care system, which is available to all people. Determining whether the United States should adopt a strategy where the government controls most hospitals or one where the government pays health providers for services provided to the citizenry is always a contentious issue Herzlinger, Regina It is of concern to the American physicians that should the universal healthcare system be adopted in the country, they would earn less than they do today. In the Canada Health Act outlawed the direct billing of patients supplementary to insurance payments to physicians. The question raised is therefore; should the United States admit that its approach to healthcare has so far failed?

Canada has a mix of public and private healthcare system, where the private sector delivers health care services and the public sector is responsible for financing those services. There are approximately The fact that a majority of personal bankruptcies in this country are occasioned by individual and family health care debts is a sobering figure.

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The Canadian Health Care System. Essay