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The argument for insanity comes from the idea that Roderick seems to be mentally ill, the possibility that Madeline is not real, and the narrator also not seeming to be competent mentally, at least within the mansion While John Locke believed that reality or truth was constituted by the material world and by the senses, Transcendentalists believed that reality and truth exist within the spiritual or ideal world There is a small crack from the roof to the ground in front on the building Little is known of Poe's time in New York other than the fact that he faced severe poverty with total earnings amounting to under one hundred fifty dollars Peeples But one of the most notable writers of this period, Edgar Allan Poe, made no secret of his disdain for the tenets of transcendentalism. I looked upon the scene before me—upon the mere house, and the simple landscape features of the domain—upon the bleak walls—upon the vacant eye like windows—upon the few rank sedges—and upon a few white trunks of decayed trees—with an utter depression of the soul The story is like all other gothic stories, it has an emphasis on horror, old-fashioned settings Critical Essay on, "The Fall of the House of Usher. Through these examples, it can be assumed that Poe believed in importance of acknowledging the behavior of individuals under most drastic circumstances. He had witnessed the death of his best friend and his home but he ran away as it happened. A great amount of work he created involves a character that suffers with a psychological problem or mental illness. Poe uses the setting to create an atmosphere in the reader's mind. This theme of dreariness and sorrow pervades the story and is done to a very chilling effect, which really draws in the reader. Romantic writers have focused more on creativity, emotions, nature, and intuition.

For instance, even the conclusion of the story lends it self to argument. Poe makes this level of scariness very accessible by the diction and imagery that he uses.

This story is filled with many types of American Romanticism characteristics But if a house collapsed in the middle of a forest, and no one was around to hear it, did it make a sound?

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Roderick and his sister are very ill. It seems to take on a life of its own Through the use of Roderick Usher and his sister, Madeline, Poe depicts the transference of bipolar disorder within a family, and more specifically with twins. Roderick and the narrator were intimate friend at a young age but they had not spoken to each other in several years.

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Usher blames himself for burying his sister before death so he expects punishment. His widely known Who 's here? When the narrator walks into the house, the narrator can feel an evil energy. Their main focus was on capturing the spirituality in nature. The second level of scariness is the psychological aspect of the story Originating in the New England region of America, transcendentalism emphasized the spiritual over the corporeal, and the power of individual intuition over organized doctrine as a means of attaining true spirituality. The romanticism movement in literature consists of a few of the following characteristics: intuition over fact, imagination over fact, and the stretch and alteration of the truth.

However, one thing that is not up for debate is the fact that Edgar Allan Poe is a literary genius. In The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe, we catch an understanding of his hapless backstory and lonely childhood through his use of symbolism, mood, and characterization.

The house, because of its deteriorated state and seemingly seclusion from everything else, seems to take on a monstrous character of its own—the Gothic mastermind that controls the fate of its inhabitants. Edgar wrote descriptively through the physical setting, the first person point of view, and the uniquely dynamic characters. He rationalizes that if he could look at things differently or in a brighter light, he might be able to change it, but when he looks into the lake he sees, with even more fear before, a mirror image of the house in all its darkness Place is the crossroads of circumstance, the proving ground of, what happened? Did the house of Usher truly "fall". One would imagine that given Poe's ongoing battle with tuberculosis he was most likely preoccupied with death, which is reflected on both 'The Fall of the House of Usher' and 'The Masque of the Red Death. Also, he makes use of the landscape to produce a supernatural effect and to induce horror. In the story I felt that there was a lot of the description towards the walls. All of these authors are regarded as very important and influential Romantic writers. When the narrator walks into the house, the narrator can feel an evil energy. Indeed, to almost everyone who reads it sees the story as great, but for different reasons Violent or macabre incidents are often used in American Gothic Literature to present imposing, though quite unsettling, portraits of the human experience by way of terror. The vivid colors and visuals in the story not only force the reader to picture the surroundings in his or her mind, but also contain the hidden connotations of gravity and despair
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The Fall of The House of Usher Essay