Drunk driving can be prevented

Other safety measures include wearing your seat belt and having a vehicle with airbags.

Drunk driving can be prevented

This strategy encourages behavior changes reducing alcohol-impaired accidents and injuries. Research showed that the act did not significantly change the amount people in Britain drank. Mass media campaigns Mass media campaigns spread messages about the physical dangers and legal consequences of drunk driving. There are also economic and social costs associated with raising alcohol taxes. Remember that the person you are trying to help is not thinking clearly. The reason, explains Reed, is that the presence of alcohol in an accident does not always mean that alcohol caused the accident. For every arrest made for driving while intoxicated DWI , an estimated to 2, drunk driving incidents go unpenalized, although more arrests are made for drunk driving in America than for any other offense and significant sums are spent on enforcement. Anecdotal evidence indicates that these tough penalties are effective deterrents, but social science research has been unable to uncover any hard proof. This means that if your blood alcohol content BAC reaches. Breath tests may be given if police have a reason to suspect the driver is intoxicated. If all attempts fail, call the police. Set a curfew for your child, and always wait up for your teen to come home.

Here, then, is a case where the law reinforces widely held public opinions. Knowing how to keep friends and family from driving drunk before a situation arises helps with the unexpected. Planning Ahead Of Time One of the most effective ways to prevent drinking and driving is to have a plan before you know you are going to be drinking.

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The law in the United States and throughout the world clearly declares that people should not drive while drunk. But legal action alone cannot solve the problem. The National Research Council panel on alcohol abuse concludes that "some moderately persuasive evidence exists suggesting that effectively enforced drunken driving laws will deter drunken driving and reduce accidents and fatalities associated with it. In many accidents that kill people who have been drinking, the alcohol plays a minor or insignificant role. As the panel writes, "There is reasonable evidence that prohibition for youths does have some effect on their drinking and in particular that the choice of a minimum drinking age has a small but consistently exacerbating effect on the auto accident and fatality rates. But as part of a broad, comprehensive program of prevention, they have the potential to make a significant and lasting difference. This combined strategy, which can be delivered in health care, university, and other settings, helps change behavior and reduces alcohol-impaired crashes and injuries. Clearly, laws against drunk driving, enforced by the police and adjudicated by the courts, must play a leading role in the effort to keep people from driving while drunk. Not only could that be you, it could be one of your loved ones. Organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving encourage people who expect to consume alcohol to develop a plan for getting home ahead of time. To hint that people might drive after drinking even though they are not legally drunk might be seen as encouraging this behavior. The first offense resulted in a mandatory one-year suspension of a driver's license. Interlocks keep the car from starting if the driver has a BAC above a certain level, usually 0.

Roadside testing by researchers has shown that an average of 10 to 20 percent of all drivers on the road have measurable levels of alcohol in their blood. Either use a straw pull to determine the driver, or use the volunteer system, so that everyone gets a turn being the DD.

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Remember, they're the ones with the car keys. Community mobilization of tasks forces or coalitions is the key to these efforts. Use public transportation.

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When you become old enough to purchase wine, liquor or beer, do not buy it for underage people. Assign a designated driver.

Suggest other ways for the impaired person to get home — and offer to pay.

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Drunk Driving Prevention