Disadvantages of building a high speed rail in california

Four Story. The state auditor is only the latest to slam the California High-speed Rail Authority as a tool of its consultants and contractors. By all signs, California taxpayers will take the risks; private corporations will reap the gains; and California will either be left with what it can now fund — a white elephant running between Merced and Bakersfield — or a monstrous leech of a project sucking away needed revenue.

disadvantages of high speed rail

If that money is secured, opponents believe that the Japanese owners of the Shinkansen technology will pony up more money and then squeeze state taxpayers for the remainder. The system will reduce the scope of air pollution statewide because it will be powered by electricity that will be generated by renewable energy sources California High-Speed Rail Authority, Building a railroad is expensive.

As I've read and interviewed over the past year, including on reporting trips to California's Central Valley, I've become more strongly in favor of the plan, and supportive of the Brown Administration's determination to stick with it.

California High-Speed Rail Authority. High-speed rail between Boston and Washington, D. By comparison, most of the infrastructure for air travel is cheap: It is the air.

In an interview he told me: In general, the disadvantage high-speed rail has over air travel is the huge amount of infrastructure that must be built and maintained. The agency believes some magical private investor will provide funds for the project. While I'm at it, here is the site of the U. The energy for HSR must come from somewhere, if electric than probably coal or nuclear, both of which have some problems. Further according to federal biologists and as reported in the Los Angeles Times : Eleven endangered species, including the San Joaquin kit fox, would be affected, according to federal biologists. One advantage of the private sector is that it invests only in cost-effective projects. The development of high-speed rail HSR is adapting to the Chinese urbanization of today. Highway 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco is miserable, but it is not the key transportation problem in California. For instance, here is a screen shot showing the extraordinarily valuable farmland that has already been lost to sprawl around cities from Stockton in the north, through Modesto, Merced, and Fresno, down to Bakersfield in the south. Precisely because of their scale and impact, they involve tradeoffs, imperfections, pros and cons. In retrospect, both the Louisiana Purchase of and the Alaska Purchase of look like Heaven-sent, near-theft, no-brainer, "where would we possibly be without them?

Project vision and scope. Previously the chairman said he would not seek exemption from federal or state laws for the project.

negative effects of high-speed rail
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