Describe the best or worse holiday you have ever had

describe the best vacation you ever had

The next day we went to watch a movie in the theatre and we ate dinner in a Thai restaurant. However, it just was some day. I had a stomachache. The later it was, the more people the beach had. It was sunny day. It was great to meet my friend Laura's Italian friends, many of whom live in the nearby town of Feltre.

The best vacation i ever had essay

I made a tour and went to different parts of India. Besides, I also bought some nice gift for my close relatives and friends. We stayed in a hotel near the beach. Writing 1: I am a student, so every summer, I usually come back to my country. We explored some notable places in India by train. I had studied at university in Ho Chi Minh City for four years but I had not met my old friend for a long time. I reached home at around 1. Then we prepared for the trip with a lot of things. A good memory which my family more miss. Taking part in a cookery course was great fun, where we bought fresh ingredients at the local market and learned how to use a wok to fry fresh fish and other seafood like crab and lobster. At that time, the wave seemed gentler than it was in the afternoon. Therefore, we enjoyed games on the beach on afternoon, It was excited and anthusiastic, we received a lot of gifts by playing well. Then, all of us went to collect sea-shell. The next day we went to watch a movie in the theatre and we ate dinner in a Thai restaurant.

It was warm, sunny and windy. When the plane was floating in the airI looked over the windown of the plane. Spending an entire night on the beach was a special experience to me.

Describe an outdoor meal you recently enjoyed.

describe a vacation you have really enjoyed ielts

Next morning, we get up early at 5. I had many memories with my friends and it had an impression on me. This was the best holiday experience as I took part in activities which were new to me.

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