Dead and gone susan beth pfeffer

Dead and gone susan beth pfeffer

Through the course of the novel, Alex learns to fend for his family by any means, including stealing from the ever increasing dead with his new friend, Kevin Daley. Thus Alex, Bri and Julie are settling down for bed when their electricity goes out, though not atypical for their neck of the woods in a hot New York summer. The novelty of discovering what happens with the moon pushed closer to the Earth had already been exhausted in Life As We Knew It, and I was concerned that reading the same events again could be tedious. And in both books, survival is not a given for these teens; their fights to save themselves and their families will keep you transfixed until you find out what happens. And they learn that there is no way to know if their mother and father are ok, or even if they are alive. They get a free lunch at their respective schools and are forced to live meal to meal, standing in food ration lines, braving riots and other predators, scrounging for anything left behind in apartments that are later deserted. Religion also plays a larger role. To be honest, this is to be expected—in a large, metropolitan area, with no adults to look after them, you best believe that Alex does anything in his power to keep his family alive.

When she comes back, her brother won't let her do anything around the house, so it is left up to Julie. Alex Morales is seventeen years old when the disaster happens and his mother and father are both gone at the time of the event and continue to be missing throughout the novel.

When Brianna is sent to a convent farm in the country, Alex and Julie are left to fend for themselves and learn to live with one another in harmony. Alex shook his head.

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I am in complete awe of Ms. A kind, nurturing, and caring woman, Isabella is an effectual mother. They learn about the tidal waves that obliterated islands and coastal cities, and that the city subways were flooded, killing thousands instantly.

Asked about the change in narrative, Pfeffer replied quite simply that in her planning processes, she "just could not envision a teenage boy keeping a diary. This novel is far darker than its predecessor.

A devout Catholic, Alex finds his faith in God shaken, but he relies on the guidance, compassion and sacrifice of church leaders in order to stay alive. I should say that I am not religious at all and am extremely wary when reading books that feature faith so predominantly usually for fear of having some unsavory religious message rammed down my throat —but I can assure any readers who may be feeling tentative towards the dead and the gone that the religion aspect is handled excellently.

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Evaluation: A second book in a post-apocalyptic saga will not have the shock value of the first, since you already know how bad things will get and what steps will be necessary for survival. Background[ edit ] Pfeffer's novel Life As We Knew It was created after watching the original film Meteornoting that "it got [her] thinking about how the people who have the most to lose if the world comes to an end are kids," and wanted to see how her characters would cope with a situation that was out of their control.

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The Dead and the Gone Summary & Study Guide