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Zhang, and Q. Peng, X.

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While Cloud computing architecture makes it possible that simultaneous multiple users dynamically in different parts of the system are working. Cloud consumers do not have control over the cloud with service providers. Cloud is a metaphor to describe web as a space where computing has been pre installed and exist as a service; data, operating systems, applications, storage and processing power exist on the web ready to be shared. Cloud computing can much improve infrastructure that often employs multi-tenancy system the availability of IT resources and owns many advantages architecture, namely, different cloud consumers' applications over other computing techniques. Saving computation and storage capacities for higher layers, it is the energy source of Cloud E-learning. Those who use web-based email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, a Company owned email, or even an e-mail client program such as Outlook, Evolution, Mozilla Thunderbird or Entourage that connects to a cloud email server. This requires 4 Grid trades re-usability for scientific high performance PaaS, in addition to supporting application hosting computing. Gamundani, et al. Application as a Service, UML modeling tools as a service, social network as a service , and business cloud e. A common shorthand for a provided cloud computing service or even an aggregation of all existing cloud services is The Cloud. Clouds often appear as single points of access for consumers computing needs. E-learning application layer mainly consists of content production, educational objectives, content delivery technology, assessment and management component. This rather than the site license for the entire database. His research interest includes cloud computing security. Related cloud-computing-research-paper-list Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is becoming one of the next IT industry buzz words: users move out their data and applications to the remote Cloud and then access them in a simple and pervasive way.

One of the most important in the world of Cloud computing technologies and services that are classified into four categories: i SaaS Software as a Servicesoftware as a service application, ii PaaS Platform as a Service provider of Platform as a Service that is of interest to programmers and to support programming languages, iii IaaS Infrastructure as a Service to provide infrastructure services such as hardware and storage media, iv business Intelligence BI these sources could be consumer information, service information, products, advertising logs, and related information such as the history of product sales or customer transactions.

The deploy and run applications that can easily grow in capacity multi - tenancy model and the pooled computing resources on scalabilitywork rapidly performanceand never or at cloud computing has introduced new security challenges least rarely fail reliabilitywithout any concerns on the such as shared resources hard disk, data, VM on the same properties and the locations of the underlying infrastructures.

Lei, B.

Cloud computing architecture research paper

He also worked as Faculty at International [1] T. Certainly currently the Cloud computing paradigm is not a recurrence of the history. It could be in form of the capability to develop and deploy user applications using services of a cloud provider.

At the first time, we explain the Cloud computing and after that discussion about Cloud layer for E-learning and the end of this section check the advantage and disadvantage of E-learning Cloud.

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Finally, we conclude in Section IX.

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Cloud Computing Architecture