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A student must earn ALL 7 points in the basic core 2. The precise format required for a CCOT essay will vary. Despite this major change in belief, Buddhists continued to practice the doctrine of the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path in both sects of Buddhism.

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Addresses ALL parts of the question, though, not necessarily evenly or thoroughly. But these early religions did not set out principles for right conduct. Step 3 Write a paragraph for each instance of continuity in the introduction.

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As trade and travel between civilizations increased there was interaction between different religious groups1. It first developed in the Middle East and then spread into Europe. Addresses all parts of the question evenly.

These Gods married, had children, and fought just as humans did2. Give specific examples that show how the state of affairs was continuous between the two points in time and examples of how it changed.

It must show connections to global processes such as: Show connections to global processes!

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Because priests had knowledge of and access to the gods they were powerful religious and political figures2.

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How to Write a CCOT Essay