Case study bharti airtel business essay

Government bodies Government bodies in each geographical area such as India, Sri Lanka and African countries have major impact on Bharti Airtel since they may change laws and regulations regarding telecommunication industry. Due to latest emerging technology trends, companies are looking for speedier, more efficient and agile delivery of services that enables business transformation.

Bharati Airtel Ltd has been market leader in India since its business models and strategies attracted many industry experts' admiration.

the evolution of strategy at bharti airtel

In addition to operational superiority, this family run business, which strongly embraces the Indian work culture, also strives for industry dominance in pricing, product innovation, Value Added Services VASand marketing.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers We can see uniqueness in telecommunication equipment suppliers in the global market. Analyse the potential impact of global issues in telecommunication industry and its effect of Bharti Airtel Political Unsuitability in countries Many of African countries have unstable government which directly affect the operations of Airtel in African countries.

But in earlygiven that Bharti was growing rapidly, expanding into new territories, and entering new businesses like fixed line services and long distance operations, Mittal and his team were forced to question what constituted their core activity.

The family owned business was soon able to generate profits and extend market shares. Gupta explained: The goal of a manufacturing organization is to maximize the number of units produced while maintaining margin per unit. If Bharti continued with its India plan in Africa, investing in rural networks and slashing tariffs, and demand failed to pick up, the company risked losing money.

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Bharti Airtel in Africa Essay Example