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In fact, many top executives are acquiring advanced skills in project management to gain a competitive advantage. The course is designed to give project managers fresh new insight into how to successfully blend Agile and traditional project management principles and practices in the right proportions to fit any business and project situation.

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We cover both the migration of legacy enterprise systems and de novo enterprise architecture development, vendor selection and management, cybersecurity in the enterprise, and complex system integration.

Introduces the art and science of project risk as well as continuity management and cost management. The course also addresses more contemporary issues in PM, including resolving ambiguity and complexity, the use of improvised working styles, sustainable PM, and issues around power and politics within the project.

You will learn how to design a program and manage program costs, risk, and communication within the context of Project Portfolios. Students will understand PMI? Also leverages the guidelines outlined by the Project Management Institute for agile project development as a framework.

Good leadership is an important element when applied to project management, and this course identifies various styles of communication and conflict resolution that leaders can use. This course will help project and program managers, analysts, consultants, educators, and managers in government, nonprofit, and private institutions to assess program results and identify ways to improve program performance.

Topics include: Agile fundamentals, principles, and practices; roots of Agile in TQM and Lean Manufacturing; adapting an Agile approach to fit a business environment; planning and managing an enterprise-level Agile transformation; scaling agile to an enterprise level using enterprise-level Agile frameworks and Agile Project Management tools.

Case studies of both pre-project and in- process estimating examine some of the more common perils of human irrationality associated with project estimation to help develop more sensible, achievable project outcomes.

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